Geeky feet

It’s no longer a secret that I’m a geeky girl. But up until now it was a secret that I also have geeky feet…

Recently Teefury upped their game by launching ShoeFury: a brand new line of digitaly printed geeky shoes.
Not only unique in their geekyness, but also due to the fact that the tops of the shoes can be separated from the base… Sooo, once you’ve bought a full pair of shoes ($79,99 or $69,99 depending on the model), you can just buy any additional top (at $54,99).

Wanna know more? Check out their cool introduction video.

I’m wearing my uber cute pair of Cheshire Cat shoes this week for Geeky Friday.


Red shoes

Managed to scratch one more pair of shoes of the wishlist yesterday.
With the last update I already mentioned that I had my eye on a lovely pair of red Mary Janes, which I refused to buy during the sales period as they were new collection.
So I went out to buy them yesterday, slightly fearing that they would no longer be available in my size, when my eye fell on a pair of red court shoes at about half the prize of the Mary Janes.
I tried on both pairs and the court shoes not only fitted me better but also pleased me more, so it’s them that were allowed to come home with me.

I’ve already worn them all day today and they are so comfy I could walk to the moon and back in them.

How do they do it?

I’ll never understand how women with only three or four pairs of shoes manage.

Ever since the toe accident I have been limited to wearing the above three pairs of open toed flats and it’s been quite a challenge to get an outfit together in the morning (sheesh, I usually have more pairs of shoes with me if I go on a city-trip) . Especially since it has been mostly chilly and rainy since the accident.

So on Friday I spent my lunch break at the shopping center, visiting my favourite shoe store there, hoping to add another pair of open toed flats to the collection, when I passed these beauties:

I instantly fell in love and when they fitted like a glove I didn’t even look at the price tag and just bought them. They just had to become mine!!
And with that I can strike through the peep toe nudes I had on my wishlist.

Out with the old, in with the new

After visiting somewhere in between 30 and 40 shoe stores in my quest for THE pair of flat silver sandals, i was starting to give up on the idea of finding them this year.
Until I joined my partner in a quest for new sunglasses that are dark enough for his very sensitive eyes and we passed by a “shoe boutique” I totally forgot was there and I finally found THE pair I had been looking for.

These strappy NR|RAPISARDI sandals with a little heel, will be worthy replacements for the below sandals that I learned to love over time.