Geeky feet

It’s no longer a secret that I’m a geeky girl. But up until now it was a secret that I also have geeky feet…

Recently Teefury upped their game by launching ShoeFury: a brand new line of digitaly printed geeky shoes.
Not only unique in their geekyness, but also due to the fact that the tops of the shoes can be separated from the base… Sooo, once you’ve bought a full pair of shoes ($79,99 or $69,99 depending on the model), you can just buy any additional top (at $54,99).

Wanna know more? Check out their cool introduction video.

I’m wearing my uber cute pair of Cheshire Cat shoes this week for Geeky Friday.


Geeky girl

I used to think of myself as a “geek by proxy” but the last few years I’ve realised I’m a geeky girl in my own right.

I love my fandoms (Doctor Who, Marvel, Minions,…), I love my graphic novels, I LARP, I paint figurines, I occasionaly cossplay and go to conventions,..

And most of all: I’m proud to show it.
Thanks to the likes of Teefury and Qwertee and two house mates who also like to get their geek on (and order t-shirts on my behalf – Love you guys!), my collection of geeky t-shirts has boomed for the past 2,5 years. I now own a whopping 25 shirts and tops. And I try to put on something geeky every Friday, making my own version of casual Friday: Geeky Friday.