The 1st of December

Was a very Important day for me. Not only did it mark the start of this year’s Dressember edition, it is also the last day of the “regular” shoes to save (from now on it’s special shoes and boots) and last but not least it also the day we signed the purchase deed for our house.
This is officially my first shoe save as a home owner!

For the occasion I wore my polka dot L&L dress with my new P.I.U.R.E. shoes.

And just to add that little extra I chose this lovely pair of Veneziana tights


Red shoes

Managed to scratch one more pair of shoes of the wishlist yesterday.
With the last update I already mentioned that I had my eye on a lovely pair of red Mary Janes, which I refused to buy during the sales period as they were new collection.
So I went out to buy them yesterday, slightly fearing that they would no longer be available in my size, when my eye fell on a pair of red court shoes at about half the prize of the Mary Janes.
I tried on both pairs and the court shoes not only fitted me better but also pleased me more, so it’s them that were allowed to come home with me.

I’ve already worn them all day today and they are so comfy I could walk to the moon and back in them.