The birthday collection- honorary mention

On Monday I all introduced you to my collection of birthday dresses. In hind sight, I find there are two dresses in my wardrobe that deserve an honorary mention:

wrap dress

This wrap dress, which has always been my favourite wrap dress kinda started the whole birthday dress tradition before it really started…
My mom, my sis and me used to have a tradition of going on a shopping trip all three of us once or twice a year, usually around one of our birthdays. This dress was a gift on the 2009 birthday trip and was worn for the first time at my 2009 birthday party.


This dress, which I sometimes call my Minnie Mouse dress especially when combining it with black tights and red heels (hence the attempt at a Minnie Mouse pose), was a birthday gift from one of my housemates when we went on a trip to London in November 2013. I didn’t wear it for my birthday that year, but it became my New Years Eve Celebration Dress (but that is a whole different story).


Dressember 20: autumn colours

After being a hairdresser’s model for my sister I was colour analysis model for the lovely Fiona De Hondt.

A while back we were tweeting about colour types and she was in doubt about the label i got during previous analysis’. So, when she launched a request for models I challenged her to analyse me and she gladly accepted.

Turns out I’m a tricky type: with my cool blue-grey eyes, my cool dark brown hair and (at first sight) rosy cheeks most of the students labeled me a winter type (the label I got in the past), until the teacher pointed out they had fallen for the “first look” trap and urged them to look at the skin of my arms (full of freckles) and neck and pointed out that rosy cheeks can be the result of blood circulation.

The result: turns out I’m a true autumn type. Which of course means that:

a) the outfit worn yesterday (including a black button down dress) was all wrong for me
b) that my closet might need a bit of a make-over, since I did some of my shopping with the original winter analysis’ in mind.

This sudden change doesn’t mean I have to throw out all my clothes in colours that are more suitable for winter types, it’s just that autumn colours are more flattering and of course there’s nothing that a nice scarf In the right colours can’t fix.

Anyway, I made sure today’s outfit was exactly what the colour doctor prescribed.

Dressember 14: Waving Wednesday

This week’s two theme days are “Waving Wednesday” and “Spots or Stripes” (or both if you’re brave) on Saturday.

Out of a set of 5 pictures this one is the most decent, never thought it would be so hard to take a picture in which I’m actually waving without to much of a silly grin (you don’t want to know how silly I looked on the pictures that didn’t make the cut).

Was invited to a blogging and networking event, which is why I wore this wrap dress, which is one of my favourite wrap dresses, as you may have guessed by now.

Test drive – Shoeper shoe challenge #23

My partner is looking for a new bike. As he thinks my opinion as a passenger counts, he took me along when he went to test drive the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure.
Since it had been over 2 years since the last time we had a bike ride, I no longer have any decent bike boots, so I put on my oldest pair of black boots.

In the below picture they are worn in a more traditional way, with a wrap dress. One of the first dresses in the “buy a special b-day dress” tradition.

Unfortunately these boots are starting to look a bit worse for wear, and I’ve already looked into buying a replacement pair, but they are comfy as old boots so I’m just not ready to part with them yet.
That’s why I’ll keep them a while longer to serve as boots to wear to concerts, festivals,… where it’s important to wear comfy footwear that is a little bit resistant.

Last of the summer shoes – Shoeper shoe challenge 21

Saved my last pair of summer shoes when I went babysitting. I chose to wear something both elegant but also easy to goof around in with my two nephews (ages 5 and 7), which was a good choice as I ended up in a sword fight with all the kids of their street.
I even managed to kill 3 enemies although the first idea was to have one group kidnap me and the other group save me.

What I love about these NR/RAPISARDI sandals is:

– the straps (obviously)
– the glitter
– the special shape of the heel
– the fact that a sweet friend of mine called them real princess sandals

Shoeper shoe challenge #15 – BBQ time

For the annual BBQ of my partners game club mother nature decided to give us some nice weather, which means I managed to save yet another pair of summer shoes and at the same time managed to take another picture of me frocking on a Friday.
The theme is the same as last week, red and black, since those are two colours I like and look good in.

The wrap dress is one I got from a nice little boutique on a shopping trip with my mom and sis (we try to do that twice a year, in June when it’s my sister’s birthday and in October when it’s my birthday).
They tried to talk me out of buying the dress because they didn’t really liked it, while I immediately fell in love with it and some of the other customers in the boutique commented that I shouldn’t listen to them.
I decided to ignore my mom and is and buy it anyway and haven’t regretted it once sec, in fact it’s the dress I’ve gotten the most compliments ever.

The shoes are my only pair of kitten heels and I’m not really sure what to think of this heel, other than that it’s a comfortable height when my ankle acts up without having to wear flats. I also learned that they are not ideal footwear when attending a party on a giant lawn (which of course I didn’t know).
And if you were still wondering what I like so much about them… it’s the straps!

Mothers day – shoeper shoe challenge #12

The Province of Antwerp must be about the only place on earth where they celebrate Mothers day on the 15th of August.
In my family we celebrate it rather enthusiastically for my paternal grandmother, resulting in 9 out of 10 grandchildren and 11 out of 17 great grandchildren being present, some of them coming back to Belgium from as far as Bologna, Malaga and Toulouse.
Here’s a picture of my grandmother with the great grandchildren present.

And of course someone took a picture of everyone who tried to take above picture.

Since the weather was for once fine enough to wear my new suede Vic peep toes I took advantage of saving them. The dress I’m wearing (yes, once again a wrap dress), is the latest addition to my closet and was bought at Morgan on the last day of the sales period.