It’s that time of the year…

…where my ankle acts up and I can only wear flats (or kitten heels on good days).
Unlike a few years back, when I attempted to murder my toe, my collection of flats has grown quite a bit and I’m no longer restricted to these 3 strappy Le Routard numbers.


Or these 2 pairs of Mary Janes, that look exactly the same but really are a navy blue and black pair (and yes, I have at one point turned up at work wearing one of each because my blurry eyed self hadn’t noticed the difference in the morning… That ‘ll teach me to leave my shoes lying around instead of putting them back in their boxes when I take them of… Or not…)

I now have a rainbow of these very versatile beauties (and yes, I’m still too lazy to get them all out again to include the lilac pair, of which I already proven the existence right here).


And of course my silver “princess” sandals and their replacements, because the Tamaris silver strappy sandals arrived last week and they were indeed silver and strappy and a perfect fit, so my Silver Sandal Search is over (for now…)

So, even though I do miss my heels, this time around you won’t hear me complain (very much) that I don’t have any shoes to wear for the occasion…


Clumsy me – Shoeper shoe challenge #19 and #20

Last week I was grateful that Shoeperwoman changed the rules of the Shoeper shoe challenge and we don’t have to include a full length shot of our outfit anymore.

On Thursday morning I had taken advantage of the Indian summer we were enjoying (and which should lasted till Monday, giving me enough time to save the last 3 pairs of summery shoes that needed saving) to save my white strappy sandals.
Was planning to have my picture taken in the evening, but I managed to spill most of the vinaigrette I got with my salad when I was trying to open it, effectively making sure my outfit was no longer suitable for a shoe challenge picture.
Luckily the meeting with my new client was before my lunch break.

I bought these sandals in Malaga, 2 years ago in September, when I was visiting my cousin who lives about 25km outside of Malaga.
It was the same day my wallet was stolen, which caused some distress, but couldn’t counter the happiness I felt in finding these shoes after searching after a pair of white sandals for most of the summer.

By the way, it’s quite impossible to take decent pictures of your own feet, luckily I have my personal photographer

A few days later I saved the last pair of 3 very comfy Le Routard flats (the white ones), but didn’t manage to take a decent pictures since once again a lost a fight with some of my food and ended up spilling it on my skirt.

Shoeper shoe challenge #16 relax

I think the only reason I managed to get through this hectic week, in which I had to manage the client follow up of 3 of my colleagues (2 on vacation and 1 on sick leave) on top of my own, is because I knew I would be rewarded with going to a spa on Saturday with a good friend.
She had won a day pass and didn’t really feel like going alone so she asked me to come along, which I gladly did.

We started the day by passing by a vinotheque near by, which turned out ot be closed, and then went for a light lunch at the wellness center before we enjoyed a day of sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and more fun stuff.

In the evening we picked up my boyfriend and went for a nice meal and when we came home I went straight to bed (after having my picture taken), relaxing is a tiring business. (Which absolute doesn’t show in the picture, does it?)

In order to easily get in and out of my clothes and to let the relaxed feeling linger a bit when returning home I chose some comfy clotes (the skirt I returned home with after the swishing event) and another pair of Le Routards very comfortable strappy flats.

Shoeper shoe challenge #14 – festival wear

I had planned to go to Boombalfestival, a very nice and cozy folk dance festival nearby. Would have been the first time in three years I’d managed to go, due to an ankle injury that kept bothering me.
But right after getting ready and getting my picture taken, I managed to twist my ankle (not too bad, but bad enough to prevent me from going because I know I won’t be able to keep myself from dancing).
I think my body is trying to tell me something about this festival, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to listen.

The flats are one of 3 pairs of Le Routard flats I bought during the period my ankle prevented me from wearing heels. They are ideal summery festival and vacation wear and as you can see in the below picture, they have one thing in common that I really like: lots of straps.

A special thank you goes to my two cats who offered up their scratching post for 5 minutes while I posed for my outfit picture.