#IwillwearwhatIlike – the roundup

All through August I listened to my rebellious side wearing lots of stuff an almost 38-year-old shouldn’t be wearing… because #IwillwearwhatIlike.
There were times I didn’t get to wear the offending item on the day, prompting me to use older pictures or to refer to older blog posts, but I tweeted pictures of all offences I’m guilty of.

Speaking of guilt: like a true rebel I didn’t feel guilty at all, cause to be honest who are “they” to dictate what I can or cannot wear and when I can or cannot wear it.
As so many of the other participants, I only found confidence in my own style and the things I like to wear after turning thirty, when I finally managed to shrug of all the opinions of others (my mom, my sis, co-workers,..) without taking them too much at heart. And some stupid article is not going to change that, so hereby I proudly present my collection of offending items:

Graphic Tees
I guess I’ve said all there is to say on those right here… So I’ll let the picture do the talking… (there will be more graphic tees throughout the other items, since they are an important part of my style)


Candy Pink
Good girls go to heaven, bad girls wear candy pink.


Bedazzeled anything
The bedazzelement devil is in the detail…

Blue eyeshadow
Not only blue eyeshadow, but a blue scrunchie too


Leopard print
4 years ago I’ve proven my sister wrong when she claimed that leopard print is by definition tacky.
Today I’m still wearing these beauties with pride!


Non matching socks
I channeled my inner goth (probably not done at my age either) for this challenge


Hoop earrings
I’ve got a few…

Anything sleeveless
The latest sleeveless addition to my wardrobe was already shown here.

Short dresses
Because it’s that time of the year again, I had to pair my short dress with loose-fitting linen trousers.


Tube tops
This is the closest thing to a boob tube, but I probably get extra points for it being a gothy graphic top.


Mini skirts (or any skirt above the knee)
I didn’t actually wear a short skirt because of reasons… but I do own several and wear them regularly, for b-day parties for example


Pony tails, long hair and scrunchies
You just have to look at all the pictures in this post to know I do/have them all, but here’s a picture of my scrunchie collection anyway…


Crop tops
I don’t have many and most of them are graphic tees, but I do on occasion wear them.


Old sneakers
Ideal to wear to festivals, theme parks,…


Glitter Eyeshadow
Remember how once upon a time I talked about the Yves Rocher client program… Well, most of the Eyeshadow I got that time is glittery.



Things I Like: Purple

As opposed to most of the other things I like, purple hasn’t been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember.
It used to be all shades of red (and clothes wise, red is still a favourite but that’s a story for another day), but that kinda changed around my twelfth birthday, when I got to choose my first grown up watch.

Since I have a tiny wrist, the (at the time) immensely popular Pop Swatches, were out for me. So I ended up discovering the beautiful United Colours of Benetton watch collection (by Bulova).
I fell in love with a beautiful watch that featured several shades of purple and as my love for the watch grew, so did my love of all things purple.

Just like with red, I kinda like all shades of purple (although not all shades are appropriate for all intents and purposes) and my love of purple is well spread around the house: there are ovbiously purple dresses, shoes and other items of clothing, but there are also over 10 pairs of purple earrings, several shades of purple nail polish, my favourite cup is purple with polka dots (double win) and my car is a deep blueish kinda purple.

My latest addition to my purple collection is a car key cover, which I ordered here, that arrived in the mail today. And which one of my housmates helped me get it around my key…


Pentatonix in 5 (not so short) points

Two weeks ago on Sunday Pentatonix came to Belgium for the second time and for the second time me and my newest housemate (who I am eternally grateful for letting me discover this band) were present.

An a capella band from Texas that originated in 2011 when the 3 founding members (Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi and  Scott Hoying) decided to enter “The Sing Off” and needed at least one extra band member.
They met Avi Kaplan through a mutual friend in the a capella scene and contacted Kevin Olusola after a video of him
celloboxing went viral. (Celloboxig is a wonderful mix of playing the cello whilst beat boxing and Kevin now has his own solo album out).
They met the day before the audition, did a great audition and became that year’s winners.
They unfortunately lost their record deal quite quickly to sing on with a Sonny record company afterwards, but they never let it get it to them, launching a very succesful Youtube channel (with over 8 million subscribers and over 900 million cumulative views).
Their most viewed number must be their Daft Punk medley, for which they received the Grammy for Best Arrangement, Instrumental and A Cappella earlier this year.

They mostly bring pop songs, but are not afraid to tackle jazz, classical music and so much more. Their repertoire consists of covers, regularly in a medley format, in their own unique arrangements as well as more and more original songs.
What makes their style so unique, other than the arrangements, are their use of vocal percussion not only through Kevin’s beat boxing but through Avi’s gorgeous Basso Profondo voice, which makes me go weak in the knees.

VIP arrangement
Just like last year there were VIP arrangements and this year we chose a slightly bigger one than last year including:
– private sound check of one song
– a Q&A session
– photo opportunity with the band
– short meet&greet during a signing session
– goodie bag
– early access to the venue and the possibility to shop in private (I bought a t-shirt and my housemate bought a t-shirt and a  hoodie)

The concert and it’s highlights
They played in quite a bigger venue in another part of the country this year, resulting in a bigger and a slightly rowdier audience this year. Lucky for me I had my bear of a housemate with me, securing our front row places and making sure I wasn’t trampled or squished.

I enjoyed a concert that was a wonderful mix  of covers and original songs, up beat songs as well as more timid ones that moved me to tears.

It’s hard to choose highlights from such a delightful show, so I’m sharing with you the two songs that left the biggest impression (two original songs even):

Standing by – a song in which Avi takes up the lead vocal proving that he is more than a very low bass and during which we were all asked to light up the venue with little stars by shining a light with our cellphones.
Fun fact: this song was written on tour last year, in Antwerp.

That’s Christmas to me –  a song that gives me goose bumps every time, but now moved me to tears when they decided to sing it “off mic” and got a venue with 4000 people so quite you could have heard a pin drop

(a crowd that only seconds afterwards exploded when they finished their set with their Daft Punk Medley)

The outfit
I stress over my outfits for any given occasion and for this concert it wasn’t any different since I wanted something comfy (had to stand for hours) yet something nice too, as I was going to have my picture taken with the band!
So I asked some help from the ladies and gents at Go Frock Yourself and aside from some very nice compliments they came up with the following advice:
– pumps or flats and a cute tea dress with a cardigan
– flats, a dress and tights
– pumps or flats, skinny jeans and a nice top

In the end it became flats, a red skater dress with a cross-over bodice and a cardigan for the cold. And I think it worked just great!






Things I like: Butterflies

I love butterflies. I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember.
In fact, the first bedtime story I really remember, was one about two butterflies who where caught out in the rain. My greataunt used to tell me the story, just like she had done for my mum when she was little. And when that favourite aunt passed away, my mum took up the tradition of telling me the story, both before bed time and each time we saw a set of 2 butterflies playing.

Whereas the photographer housemate only likes to admire them from afar (he thinks they are too bug like and creepy up close), there is nothing that can make me more happy on a summers day then a butterfly landing on my hand.

My collection of all things butterfly includes:some drinking glasses, several hair pins, a ring and a pair of gorgious shoes.


And hopefully one day it will also contain this lovely Lady V Teal Green Rosetta swing dress

Things I like: Dresses

I love dresses. I’ve loved dresses for as long as I can remember and probably longer, cause if I’m to believe my mom I could make it clear that I didn’t like trousers and preferred dresses before I could properly talk.

And it only got worse once I had mastered the art of taking those blasted trousers of myself.
So much worse that my dad (who was responsible for getting me and my sis ready in the morning) asked my mom to just lay out dresses for me.

Over the years I’ve discovered the merits of trousers and I even own about 6 pairs of them, but my go-to outfit is and will probably always be a dress (or a skirt, since I’ve noticed a tendency towards buying more skirts lately).

Happy Easter

As per yearly tradition we celebrated Easter at my parents, combined with a late Father’s day celebration (Antwerp is about the only region in the world celebrating it March 19) and a late birthday celebration for my brother-in-law.

Getting the party organised was already a big deal, since my sis hijacked the doodle my mum organised to force us to save 2 dates, so she could arrange a date with her in-laws.
There was no getting it into her head that she couldn’t fill out the form, ask to take her favourite choice in account, only to put us on hold until she got confirmation there was no double booking.

On the day it turned out her eldest son had a tournament causing them to arrive almost 3 hours late.
We didn’t let that get to us and already started on the cava, resulting in a lot of doodling on the paper napkins and tablecloth. (My Garfield drawing skills aren’t amazing, but you can recognise him, right…)


When everybody finally arrived it was time for pressies, Easter egg hunt and lots of yummy food and some heated conversations.

Even though the spring weather of the past few days had abandoned us, I still opted for a dress in a spring worthy color.


Things I like: Polka dots

I love polka dots. I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember.
In fact, I think that somewhere between all the drawings I made as a kid, which my mom never had the heart to throw out, there is a polka dot princess collection I designed.
This collection featured the traditional wide dresses with poofy shoulders and tight cuffs with less traditional polka dot bodices, mullet (yeah I know) coktail dresses with polka dot skirts and petticoats and long fishtail skirts combined with polka dot corsets.
I bet there are some princesses out there who are really sad I never actually delivered on that collection…

At the moment, I might only own 2 polka dot dresses, but that is more due to the fact that I know exactly what I want and don’t want and the fact that I have learned over the years that I should only buy dresses that I instantly fall in love with (to avoid owning lots of stuff I then never wear).

In my defense, I do own 2 polka dot pj bottoms, 2 pairs of polka dot earrings and a purple polka dot mug.