Back on track with Dressember 2012

I was once told that you should never appologise for not blogging for a longer period, so I won’t.
I’ll just share that the past year has been a rather rough one, and blogging was just really not on my mind.
However seeing the Dressember 2012 suggestion to share your blog, just seemed the ideal way to get back on track with this blog, cause as soon as I saw the 2012 announcements it was decided that I would join again.

Since I’ve added some new dresses/tunics to my wardrobe I’ve decided to make this years participation a little more of a challenge by deciding I won’t wear the same dress/tunic twice.

Participating is really easy: just wear a dress (skirts, aka two piece dresses, are allowed ;)) every day of December and join the facebook group where you can share stories, experiences and if you feel like it pictures or even a link to your blog.
It’s really wonderful to get loads of positive feedback and comments on the dresses you wear!

As always getting my picture taken on a daily basis is the biggest challenge for me (even though I have a professionaly trained photographer in the house), but I’m not really bothered by that. Joining in on the fun is what really counts!


Dressember 20: autumn colours

After being a hairdresser’s model for my sister I was colour analysis model for the lovely Fiona De Hondt.

A while back we were tweeting about colour types and she was in doubt about the label i got during previous analysis’. So, when she launched a request for models I challenged her to analyse me and she gladly accepted.

Turns out I’m a tricky type: with my cool blue-grey eyes, my cool dark brown hair and (at first sight) rosy cheeks most of the students labeled me a winter type (the label I got in the past), until the teacher pointed out they had fallen for the “first look” trap and urged them to look at the skin of my arms (full of freckles) and neck and pointed out that rosy cheeks can be the result of blood circulation.

The result: turns out I’m a true autumn type. Which of course means that:

a) the outfit worn yesterday (including a black button down dress) was all wrong for me
b) that my closet might need a bit of a make-over, since I did some of my shopping with the original winter analysis’ in mind.

This sudden change doesn’t mean I have to throw out all my clothes in colours that are more suitable for winter types, it’s just that autumn colours are more flattering and of course there’s nothing that a nice scarf In the right colours can’t fix.

Anyway, I made sure today’s outfit was exactly what the colour doctor prescribed.

Dressember 14: Waving Wednesday

This week’s two theme days are “Waving Wednesday” and “Spots or Stripes” (or both if you’re brave) on Saturday.

Out of a set of 5 pictures this one is the most decent, never thought it would be so hard to take a picture in which I’m actually waving without to much of a silly grin (you don’t want to know how silly I looked on the pictures that didn’t make the cut).

Was invited to a blogging and networking event, which is why I wore this wrap dress, which is one of my favourite wrap dresses, as you may have guessed by now.

Our house – Dressember 8

Today we visited OUR house for the first time since June when we bid on it.
Of course silly me was all of a sudden nervous and convinced I wouldn’t like the house anymore, which didn’t help towards a good night’s rest (hence the blurry eyed look).
My partner reassured me that if I didn’t like the house anymore we could always do some renovations.
My suggestion of painting every wall purple, which would make me love the house no matter what, wasn’t really appreciated. I wonder why?

Since one of the reasons for visiting the house was to measure up some stuff, I decided on wearing a more casual dress, which I combined with a newly bought cardigan to make it a little more appropriate for work.

Dressember 7: Whirling Wednesday

Just like last year there are some theme days announced for Dressember. The first of them being Whirling Wednesday for which you should choose a swirly dress and twirl while you get your picture taken.

At first my partner wasn’t too keen on taking this picture since he thought it wouldn’t be all to safe with my low blood pressure, but somehow I managed to convince him that it wouldn’t be that bad.
It wasn’t as big a succes as I hoped though (feeling dizzy even before the first picture was taken) resulting in pictures of me making all kinds of funny faces. Which made me decide to go for a headless picture of me. Which will shock my partner if he ever learns about it since as a trained photographer that’s a big no-no (so shhhhh, don’t tell him)

For a better look at the dress, you should go here, where I’m posing in this dress at my parent’s place after my birthday party.

The next theme day is Sparkling Saturday this Saturday.

The 1st of December

Was a very Important day for me. Not only did it mark the start of this year’s Dressember edition, it is also the last day of the “regular” shoes to save (from now on it’s special shoes and boots) and last but not least it also the day we signed the purchase deed for our house.
This is officially my first shoe save as a home owner!

For the occasion I wore my polka dot L&L dress with my new P.I.U.R.E. shoes.

And just to add that little extra I chose this lovely pair of Veneziana tights