February Eco-Fashion Challenge 2015

I entered the February eco-fashion challenge again and this year I managed to not only wear something handmade, repurposed,preloved or trifted everyday… I even managed to have a picture uploaded too (thanks to my new housemate as well as thanks to the tall mirror at work).

I also came to the following conclusions:

– My sisters is my biggest sponsor of preloved clothes. She’s an impulse buyer, who often buys clothes for when she’s lost some weight and is very often to late to return clothes she bought online
– I have a lot of jewellery that was either made by friends/colleages or come form a clear out of their jewellery box
– Almost all of my hand made clothes were knitted by the same ex-colleague
– All three pairs of ankle boots I own were preloved by a friend or a colleague

And now it is time to wait for the judges vote. And I don’t envy them their task, cause there were a lot of gorgeous entries.

While waiting here’s an impression of the outfits I wore that I liked most!












February eco-fashion challenge week 1 roundup

As predicted I only really managed to keep up with the challenge during the work week, but I think that’s quite an achievement already.

There’s one outfit missing, since my battery died on me on Wednesday and there’s one picture without my head, since I didn’t manage to take one without horrible red eyes

Frocking Friday January roundup

Frocking Friday is the result of all the Dressember 2010 girls not wanting to go cold turkey until Dressember 2011 comes up. So we all vowed to wear a dress at least every Friday of the year and to share the pictures on the dedicated Facebook page.

Although I’ve faithfully worn dresses every Friday of January, I only managed pictures on two occasions. January’s Fridays have just been too packed with office parties, New Year’s receptions and such stuff, that I just didn’t get round to having my picture taken.

Dressember roundup

The Dressember challenge was the very first fashion challenge I participated in and I liked it so much that I already have lined up some new challenges I want to participate in.

At the time I started the challenge I didn’t have a blog suitable for posting about the it, so you’ll have to do with a roundup.
Please excuse me for the quality of some of the pictures, as they were taken with my camera phone.
You’ll also notice that there aren’t 31 dresses on there, but that’s because some day’s I was already fast asleep when my photographer came home and I was ill for the first two weeks of the challenge and didn’t even have the strength to get dressed. I did however stay faithful to the challenge and wore a nightie, of which I won’t post pictures for obvious reasons.

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