Things I like: All things Disney

I’m an all-round Disney fan girl. I love the movies, the songs, the characters, the parks, the parades, the sand sculptures and of course I like the merchandise (which shouldn’t come as a surprise from a girl who has two Winnie the Pooh handbags, right?).

Let the memories begin

I still remember the first Disney movie I saw in a theatre: The Jungle Book with my dad, while my mom stayed home with my sister.
I remember asking my dad to play his record time and again until he put it on tape for me.
And that movie will always have a special place in my heart.

Sandy impression of Big thunder mountain

I still remember my first visit to Disneyland Resort Paris as well as both my visits to Disney World Florida.
And I’m really excited that I’ll be visiting Paris again next month taking one of my housemates for his first visit.
He’s also a great Disney fan and I obviously hope he’ll have a great time.



What’s in the bag – the summer edition

Earlier this week I felt my purse was a bit “too warm” for the time of the year.


So I swapped one Winnie the Pooh bag for another, this one not bought at Disneyland but at one of those private sales sites like Vente Exclusive and Snapstore.

Inside I’m carrying the following with me:


– SPF50+ kiddie sunscreen (extreme sensitive skin is extremely sensitive
– Deo
– A book (for when I get stranded again)
– Make up and medicines essentials bag
– A foldable shopping bag (this one was a gift upon purchase from Yves Rocher)
My pretty foxy wallet
– Paper towels
– My key collection (which has an extra key since last time)
– My chopsticks
– Card holder thingies
– Some paperwork and my colour chart

All in all good for slightly under 2kg, so still a good student!

Oh and as an added bonus the proof I could be taken on my word about the lilac version of these summery shoes.


Do you change bags to better match the weather, your outfit or maybe your mood?

Geeky feet

It’s no longer a secret that I’m a geeky girl. But up until now it was a secret that I also have geeky feet…

Recently Teefury upped their game by launching ShoeFury: a brand new line of digitaly printed geeky shoes.
Not only unique in their geekyness, but also due to the fact that the tops of the shoes can be separated from the base… Sooo, once you’ve bought a full pair of shoes ($79,99 or $69,99 depending on the model), you can just buy any additional top (at $54,99).

Wanna know more? Check out their cool introduction video.

I’m wearing my uber cute pair of Cheshire Cat shoes this week for Geeky Friday.

Shoeper shoe challenge #11

This year’s Sand sculpture festival in Blankenberge is based on the Magical Moments Festival of Disneyland® Paris.
As a great fan of (almost) all things Disney I immediately said yes when the couple of crazy people I visited Disneyworld in Florida with last year asked me to tag along.
The fact that we would afterward go for lunch at a wonderful Italian restaurant in Ostend only helped to convince me more.

The sand sculpture festival was like a wonderful journey through the different lands of Disneyland as well as past some interpretations of attractions as well as characters.

Sandy impression of Big thunder mountain

Mad Hatter's tea party

For the occasion I wore a gray dress I picked up in a jeans store in Breda, which is about the only place my boyfriend can find jeans that fit his long legs, and my blue, embroidery embellished, Supermode Mary Jane’s, which are both comfy and great for getting on and of trains and tramways. Their black sisters were saved early April, when the weather was more summery than it is now.