Happy Birthday to The Frockery

The Frockery, known on this blog for their Eco-Fashion Challenge, turns 8 this month. To celebrate this they are offering a 15% discount on all orders till the end of April, using the code BIRTHDAY.

The Frockery is a small webshop specialised in second hand (or preloved as they prefer), retro and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories, based in Angus, Scotland since 2007.
Their philosphy is that style and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive and as such they promote slow fashion and eco-fashion amongst others through their yearly challenge.
Furthermore they conduct their business in an environement friendly way (recycling of packaging material, use of sustainable materials, …).

So if, are you looking into buying a unique vintage item or a preloved garment of high quality, head  over to their site right now!


February Eco-Fashion Challenge 2015

I entered the February eco-fashion challenge again and this year I managed to not only wear something handmade, repurposed,preloved or trifted everyday… I even managed to have a picture uploaded too (thanks to my new housemate as well as thanks to the tall mirror at work).

I also came to the following conclusions:

– My sisters is my biggest sponsor of preloved clothes. She’s an impulse buyer, who often buys clothes for when she’s lost some weight and is very often to late to return clothes she bought online
– I have a lot of jewellery that was either made by friends/colleages or come form a clear out of their jewellery box
– Almost all of my hand made clothes were knitted by the same ex-colleague
– All three pairs of ankle boots I own were preloved by a friend or a colleague

And now it is time to wait for the judges vote. And I don’t envy them their task, cause there were a lot of gorgeous entries.

While waiting here’s an impression of the outfits I wore that I liked most!











Challenge accepted

At the office party my new boss kinda challenged me into wearing something suit like. Never one to back down from I challenge I accepted to wear just that on my first official day at our company (until the end of December I was a temp).

challenge 2


And I have some more challenges lined up for this year: getting out of my comfort zone by trying to wear nothing but jeans in Januray (starting as of tomorrow), giving the February eco-fashion challenge (in which I got second place in 2011) another try, skirtember and who knows what else will come my way.

Pinch me please

Monday marked the last day of the eco-fashion challenge and instead of publishing the wrapup I was preparing straight away, I decided to wait until the winners of the contest were known, so I could congratulate them.

On Friday morning I saw that the winners were announced and to my great surprise the lovely Amber had chosen me as the runner up, with the following reasoning.

In the runner’s up position, I’ve chosen Annick Breugelmans. The main thing I noticed about Annick’s photos was her ability to create lots of very different looks, proving how versatile eco fashion can be (and also that Annick can wear just about anything!).

I can still hardly believe it (I was only in for the fun and never ever expected I stood even the slightest chance of winning anything) and I’ve been positively glowing ever since I read this
My price conists of cupcakes from The Scarlet Bakery and they look oh so yummie!

The first price was well deservedly won by Mary Wellock who showed off lots of lovely colours and patterns and amazed me with her talent for altering items to suite her style.

Last but not least I would like to thank Alison at the Frockery for organising this wonderful challenge. I’ll certainly join in on next year’s edition, hopefully with a more elaborate collection to choose from.

February eco-fashion challenge week 1 roundup

As predicted I only really managed to keep up with the challenge during the work week, but I think that’s quite an achievement already.

There’s one outfit missing, since my battery died on me on Wednesday and there’s one picture without my head, since I didn’t manage to take one without horrible red eyes