It’s that time of the year…

…where my ankle acts up and I can only wear flats (or kitten heels on good days).
Unlike a few years back, when I attempted to murder my toe, my collection of flats has grown quite a bit and I’m no longer restricted to these 3 strappy Le Routard numbers.


Or these 2 pairs of Mary Janes, that look exactly the same but really are a navy blue and black pair (and yes, I have at one point turned up at work wearing one of each because my blurry eyed self hadn’t noticed the difference in the morning… That ‘ll teach me to leave my shoes lying around instead of putting them back in their boxes when I take them of… Or not…)

I now have a rainbow of these very versatile beauties (and yes, I’m still too lazy to get them all out again to include the lilac pair, of which I already proven the existence right here).


And of course my silver “princess” sandals and their replacements, because the Tamaris silver strappy sandals arrived last week and they were indeed silver and strappy and a perfect fit, so my Silver Sandal Search is over (for now…)

So, even though I do miss my heels, this time around you won’t hear me complain (very much) that I don’t have any shoes to wear for the occasion…


Shoeper shoe challenge #17 – another month another family reunion

This month’s family reunion was to celebrate the birthdays of my brother and my youngest nephew, next month’s reunion will be mine and my mom’s birthday.
Since the weather couldn’t quite decice on what it was going to be we took our aperitif on the terrace, went inside for dinner and dessert and returned back outside for coffee and refreshments.

The outfit I chose is one I bought for the wedding of two close friends.
The dress is a silk Mexx dress, the shoes are Tamaris.
As the wedding took place in April I had originally chosen a pair of court shoes (the once I saved in March for yet another birthday party), but due to an accident on the bride’s hen night I was no longer able to wear them (this was my first attempt at murdering a toe) and bought the strappy version last minute.

How do they do it?

I’ll never understand how women with only three or four pairs of shoes manage.

Ever since the toe accident I have been limited to wearing the above three pairs of open toed flats and it’s been quite a challenge to get an outfit together in the morning (sheesh, I usually have more pairs of shoes with me if I go on a city-trip) . Especially since it has been mostly chilly and rainy since the accident.

So on Friday I spent my lunch break at the shopping center, visiting my favourite shoe store there, hoping to add another pair of open toed flats to the collection, when I passed these beauties:

I instantly fell in love and when they fitted like a glove I didn’t even look at the price tag and just bought them. They just had to become mine!!
And with that I can strike through the peep toe nudes I had on my wishlist.

Attempted toe-murder

Tried to murder one of my toes this weekend in an heroic attempt to prevent the party tent from flying away at the communion party for my eldest nephew.
Luckily the toe isn’t broken, only badly bruised with nasty hemorrhages, but the doctor taped it in anyway to give it some support and make it hurt less when walking.

Good thing this didn’t happen in winter, cause the only shoes I’m currently able to wear are flat open shoes. I’m lucky enough to have 3 pairs I can still wear (in very different colours, so i can still vary outfits quite a lot), but I was less lucky this morning and when I returned from my lunchbreak, when it was raining cats and dogs. Cause if there’s anything I hate, it’s wet feet when it’s not from taking a bath or shower.