The birthday collection

With my birthday little over a month away, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to my birthday collection, a series of dresses I bought over the years as a birthday present to myself, which are then worn for the first time on my family birthday party.


It all started with this L&L dress that I originally bought in 2010 to celebrate my birthday in Madrid, together with my cousin who lives in Spain (and has her birthday on the same day as me) and my sister.
Unfortunately the trip was cancelled and this became the first dress that became a special birthday dress.


The next year I wore this Cassis dress, which was love at first sight, effectively saving these Tamaris shoes in a shoeper shoe save. In the mean time they have been replaced by another pair of nude Tamaris sling backs.


This Bel&Bo dress was my choice for 2013. The boots were one of my rare impulse buys, I fell in love with them because of their outside zippers.


This dress is one of only 3 JBC items I own, since even though they always have lovely clothes often in lovely deep colours, they only seem to cater to people without boobs (i.e. not me).
In 2013 I changed jobs and no longer worked near 2 shopping centers with lots of choice in dresses. My new job however has a JBC virtually on its parking lot, so I decided to hop over there during my lunch break just for heck of it… returning with this pretty green flowery dress, which I like to pair with these flower embellished tights.


And then last year’s dress (again an L&L dress,so the circle is round), which can easily worn with tights and boots or, as shown above, with sandals and a cardigan… A dress for all seasons, which I can only love in a dress since they’re my favourite items of clothing.

I haven’t found this years dress yet, but I still have little over a month to find one, which is plenty of time since I’ll be at home working on getting back my energy at least until the end of September.

Do you have a tradition of buying yourself a dress or something special for your birthday or another occasion?


That time I put my bankcard in the bank notes slot

I had been wanting to go to Yves Rocher for a while now, cause even though I found replacements for the more urgent stuff at, my shopping list was getting longer and longer.
So, when the job hunting housemate told me he had a job interview almost next door to the Ghent Zuid Shopping Center, I decided to give him a ride and pop in and out of 2 or 3 stores while he did his interview.

Apart from Yves Rocher, I wanted to visit L&L to redeem the shopping budget I won with the scratch card two weeks ago and I wanted to pop by Essenza to check out their tea selection.

First stop: Yves Rocher, where it turned out that from the fruit mask line I always use, they no longer have the pomegranate version. They still have the Cranberry version but I still had a bottle of that at home, so I searched for an alternative since I like to vary between masks because of my very sensitive skin.
I ended up buying a cream mask (a type of mask I haven’t used before) for dry skin since I couldn’t find a sensitive skin mask.

picture: Yvs Rocher
picture: Yves Rocher

I did however find the teal coloured self sharpening eye pencil I was looking for and a teal coloured nail polish, win!

Since they didn’t have any pocket-size sunscreen or nail brushes, my next stop became Kruidvat. Where I bought a small bottle of their SF 50+ kiddie sunscreen since none of the other options had a high enough SPF factor for my ridiculously sensitive skin.
I combed out the very messy, overly warm and crowded store for a nail brush; but instead of finding one I almost fainted, which was my cue to go to the checkout counter and leave.
I did however find the brush over at Hema.

Next step L&L, but unfortunately their Ghent Zuid store is rather small and was rather crowded because of the sales, so I left almost straight away, because I started feeling faint again… not good!

By that time I really didn’t feel like popping into Essenza anymore, so in stead I chose out one of the taverns to have a drink and a bit of a read while I waited for my housemate, who was a bit worried that I looked a bit tired and extremely white by the time he arrived…

He was right about me being tired though. So tired even that down in the parking garage I managed to put my bankcard in the bank notes machine.
I managed not to panick (go me!) as the machine never really swallowed nor spit out my card. I even had the presence of mind to poke around a bit to force the machine to either swallow or spit out my card. Lucky for me it did the lather and I could continue my payment and get home (with a little stop over at Brantano to return a Skunkfunk order from over at Vente Exclusive since they size rather small).

Needless to say that I only did one thing  when I got home: throw myself on the couch for a long nap.

Summer sales shopping

My housemate needed a new pair of house slippers, so I joined him at Brantano where I hoped to find some of the stuff on my wish list, but had no success.
I did buy new espadrilles to wear at home during the summer as well as these very cute Kickers winter slippers. (My housemate also found what he needed, btw.)


Since Bel&Bo is almost right next door, we hopped by and both tried some stuff. But his choices didn’t fit and my choices all had I little faults.
In all honesty they could have been easily repaired by the other housemate’s mom and I could have asked for an extra discount,  but I kinda like my clothes in mint condition and ready to wear when I buy them.
So in the end all I got there was a not really great mirror selfie.


My housemate suggested going over to the Frunpark a bit farther away, but I didn’t feel up to that, so we did that the next day.

First stop JBC, where I don’t even try to find anything anymore, since they only seem to cater to skinny people without boobs.
I did however take another (rather blurry) mirror selfie while my housemate (who bought several shirts there) was trying on stuff.


In the time it took him to get his shirts sorted after he made the alarm go “beeeep” at the door and then get his bag to the car, I managed to skim through the sales of not one but two shoe stores. Unsuccessfully, unfortunately…

And then it was time for a new experience: WhatsApp dressing room advice from one store to the next since we split up our shopping forces (divide and conquer).
It was a bit weird, but not unsuccessful since I ended up with 2 skirts and a dress from L&L (and 5 EUR shopping budget from a scratch card) and he ended up with another 2 shirts from C&A.

Although they are rather blurry and don’t do any of the new items justice, I’m posting the dressing room selfies anyway, just because I can 😉




Did you have success finding something during the summer sales? Have you ever used any kind of messenger to get of give shopping advise? If so, was it a success?

A first for everything

Went to a dear friend’s birthday party on Sunday and managed to squeeze in a lot of things done/worn for the first time.

The first time wearing a new outfit that I bought at L&L with a gift certificate I got for my birthday and the first time wearing my new Tamaris nude slingbacks. And realising it is the first time ever that I’m wearing patent shoes.

The first (and probably last) time I wore the Catrice Ultimate Nudes nail polish (05 Bonjour Chérie) that came with a Mother’s day goodiebag from Libelle.
Although it matched my outfit perfectly and I liked the shine and smoothness with which it applies, the colour doesn’t really please me.


The first time I saw close to a 100 tractors coming back from a meeting.


The first (and definitely not the last) time I ate IKEA blueberry cheesecake and almond tart.

Did your weekend contain any first time experiences?

Happy Easter

As per yearly tradition we celebrated Easter at my parents, combined with a late Father’s day celebration (Antwerp is about the only region in the world celebrating it March 19) and a late birthday celebration for my brother-in-law.

Getting the party organised was already a big deal, since my sis hijacked the doodle my mum organised to force us to save 2 dates, so she could arrange a date with her in-laws.
There was no getting it into her head that she couldn’t fill out the form, ask to take her favourite choice in account, only to put us on hold until she got confirmation there was no double booking.

On the day it turned out her eldest son had a tournament causing them to arrive almost 3 hours late.
We didn’t let that get to us and already started on the cava, resulting in a lot of doodling on the paper napkins and tablecloth. (My Garfield drawing skills aren’t amazing, but you can recognise him, right…)


When everybody finally arrived it was time for pressies, Easter egg hunt and lots of yummy food and some heated conversations.

Even though the spring weather of the past few days had abandoned us, I still opted for a dress in a spring worthy color.


The 1st of December

Was a very Important day for me. Not only did it mark the start of this year’s Dressember edition, it is also the last day of the “regular” shoes to save (from now on it’s special shoes and boots) and last but not least it also the day we signed the purchase deed for our house.
This is officially my first shoe save as a home owner!

For the occasion I wore my polka dot L&L dress with my new P.I.U.R.E. shoes.

And just to add that little extra I chose this lovely pair of Veneziana tights

Shoeper shoe challenge #13

Since, as I was pointed out earlier this week, bare legs dry quicker than trousered legs, I decided to wear a dress yesterday despite it raining cats and dogs.

Bought this dress at L&L last year before the plans my cousin and I made to celebrate our mutual birthdays in Madrid were canceled, because I thought it would make a great “Partying in Madrid” dress.
In the end it became my celebrating my birthday in Belgium dress, but I didn’t regret buying it for one second.

The shoes are Caravelle and are just the tone of red I like, but what I like the most about them is the woven strappy cut-out.

At the same time it’s the first time in months that I’ve managed to take a picture for Frocking Fridday, even though I have been wearing mostly dresses on Friday all year long.