Geeky Friday – Bioware Fashion

I can’t really remember how I came across it, I think it was in an article about their fashion show at PAX, but at the moment I’m hovering over the BioWare store looking at all the pretty, stylish and functional stuff they created for their lady fans (from size S to XXL, they really know how to do it right!).

When I came out as a geeky girl on this blog, I didn’t really mention I like playing computer games too, since I can’t actually play them because of my motion sickness (which also complicates taking selfies). But I do and so I play along with one of the housemates helping them make the right decisions and giving them style advise for their characters.
The game I liked best so far happens to be a BioWare game: Dragon Age.

So now I’m really thinking that it would be so awesome if this skater dress could become my birthday dress (yes, it seems I’m a bit obsessed with birthday dresses this week, but I promise I’ll talk about something else next week!)

dragon age

How do you feel about geeky clothing? Would you wear a dress, tank top or other item of clothing that could come right out of your favourite game?


The birthday collection- honorary mention

On Monday I all introduced you to my collection of birthday dresses. In hind sight, I find there are two dresses in my wardrobe that deserve an honorary mention:

wrap dress

This wrap dress, which has always been my favourite wrap dress kinda started the whole birthday dress tradition before it really started…
My mom, my sis and me used to have a tradition of going on a shopping trip all three of us once or twice a year, usually around one of our birthdays. This dress was a gift on the 2009 birthday trip and was worn for the first time at my 2009 birthday party.


This dress, which I sometimes call my Minnie Mouse dress especially when combining it with black tights and red heels (hence the attempt at a Minnie Mouse pose), was a birthday gift from one of my housemates when we went on a trip to London in November 2013. I didn’t wear it for my birthday that year, but it became my New Years Eve Celebration Dress (but that is a whole different story).

The birthday collection

With my birthday little over a month away, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to my birthday collection, a series of dresses I bought over the years as a birthday present to myself, which are then worn for the first time on my family birthday party.


It all started with this L&L dress that I originally bought in 2010 to celebrate my birthday in Madrid, together with my cousin who lives in Spain (and has her birthday on the same day as me) and my sister.
Unfortunately the trip was cancelled and this became the first dress that became a special birthday dress.


The next year I wore this Cassis dress, which was love at first sight, effectively saving these Tamaris shoes in a shoeper shoe save. In the mean time they have been replaced by another pair of nude Tamaris sling backs.


This Bel&Bo dress was my choice for 2013. The boots were one of my rare impulse buys, I fell in love with them because of their outside zippers.


This dress is one of only 3 JBC items I own, since even though they always have lovely clothes often in lovely deep colours, they only seem to cater to people without boobs (i.e. not me).
In 2013 I changed jobs and no longer worked near 2 shopping centers with lots of choice in dresses. My new job however has a JBC virtually on its parking lot, so I decided to hop over there during my lunch break just for heck of it… returning with this pretty green flowery dress, which I like to pair with these flower embellished tights.


And then last year’s dress (again an L&L dress,so the circle is round), which can easily worn with tights and boots or, as shown above, with sandals and a cardigan… A dress for all seasons, which I can only love in a dress since they’re my favourite items of clothing.

I haven’t found this years dress yet, but I still have little over a month to find one, which is plenty of time since I’ll be at home working on getting back my energy at least until the end of September.

Do you have a tradition of buying yourself a dress or something special for your birthday or another occasion?

Pentatonix in 5 (not so short) points

Two weeks ago on Sunday Pentatonix came to Belgium for the second time and for the second time me and my newest housemate (who I am eternally grateful for letting me discover this band) were present.

An a capella band from Texas that originated in 2011 when the 3 founding members (Kirstie Maldonado, Mitch Grassi and  Scott Hoying) decided to enter “The Sing Off” and needed at least one extra band member.
They met Avi Kaplan through a mutual friend in the a capella scene and contacted Kevin Olusola after a video of him
celloboxing went viral. (Celloboxig is a wonderful mix of playing the cello whilst beat boxing and Kevin now has his own solo album out).
They met the day before the audition, did a great audition and became that year’s winners.
They unfortunately lost their record deal quite quickly to sing on with a Sonny record company afterwards, but they never let it get it to them, launching a very succesful Youtube channel (with over 8 million subscribers and over 900 million cumulative views).
Their most viewed number must be their Daft Punk medley, for which they received the Grammy for Best Arrangement, Instrumental and A Cappella earlier this year.

They mostly bring pop songs, but are not afraid to tackle jazz, classical music and so much more. Their repertoire consists of covers, regularly in a medley format, in their own unique arrangements as well as more and more original songs.
What makes their style so unique, other than the arrangements, are their use of vocal percussion not only through Kevin’s beat boxing but through Avi’s gorgeous Basso Profondo voice, which makes me go weak in the knees.

VIP arrangement
Just like last year there were VIP arrangements and this year we chose a slightly bigger one than last year including:
– private sound check of one song
– a Q&A session
– photo opportunity with the band
– short meet&greet during a signing session
– goodie bag
– early access to the venue and the possibility to shop in private (I bought a t-shirt and my housemate bought a t-shirt and a  hoodie)

The concert and it’s highlights
They played in quite a bigger venue in another part of the country this year, resulting in a bigger and a slightly rowdier audience this year. Lucky for me I had my bear of a housemate with me, securing our front row places and making sure I wasn’t trampled or squished.

I enjoyed a concert that was a wonderful mix  of covers and original songs, up beat songs as well as more timid ones that moved me to tears.

It’s hard to choose highlights from such a delightful show, so I’m sharing with you the two songs that left the biggest impression (two original songs even):

Standing by – a song in which Avi takes up the lead vocal proving that he is more than a very low bass and during which we were all asked to light up the venue with little stars by shining a light with our cellphones.
Fun fact: this song was written on tour last year, in Antwerp.

That’s Christmas to me –  a song that gives me goose bumps every time, but now moved me to tears when they decided to sing it “off mic” and got a venue with 4000 people so quite you could have heard a pin drop

(a crowd that only seconds afterwards exploded when they finished their set with their Daft Punk Medley)

The outfit
I stress over my outfits for any given occasion and for this concert it wasn’t any different since I wanted something comfy (had to stand for hours) yet something nice too, as I was going to have my picture taken with the band!
So I asked some help from the ladies and gents at Go Frock Yourself and aside from some very nice compliments they came up with the following advice:
– pumps or flats and a cute tea dress with a cardigan
– flats, a dress and tights
– pumps or flats, skinny jeans and a nice top

In the end it became flats, a red skater dress with a cross-over bodice and a cardigan for the cold. And I think it worked just great!






Things I like: Dresses

I love dresses. I’ve loved dresses for as long as I can remember and probably longer, cause if I’m to believe my mom I could make it clear that I didn’t like trousers and preferred dresses before I could properly talk.

And it only got worse once I had mastered the art of taking those blasted trousers of myself.
So much worse that my dad (who was responsible for getting me and my sis ready in the morning) asked my mom to just lay out dresses for me.

Over the years I’ve discovered the merits of trousers and I even own about 6 pairs of them, but my go-to outfit is and will probably always be a dress (or a skirt, since I’ve noticed a tendency towards buying more skirts lately).

Things I like: Polka dots

I love polka dots. I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember.
In fact, I think that somewhere between all the drawings I made as a kid, which my mom never had the heart to throw out, there is a polka dot princess collection I designed.
This collection featured the traditional wide dresses with poofy shoulders and tight cuffs with less traditional polka dot bodices, mullet (yeah I know) coktail dresses with polka dot skirts and petticoats and long fishtail skirts combined with polka dot corsets.
I bet there are some princesses out there who are really sad I never actually delivered on that collection…

At the moment, I might only own 2 polka dot dresses, but that is more due to the fact that I know exactly what I want and don’t want and the fact that I have learned over the years that I should only buy dresses that I instantly fall in love with (to avoid owning lots of stuff I then never wear).

In my defense, I do own 2 polka dot pj bottoms, 2 pairs of polka dot earrings and a purple polka dot mug.

Dressember 2011

In less than a week the 2012 edition of Dressember starts and I’m really looking forward to participate again. As a dresses and skirts kinda girl (I own only 4 pairs of trousers) wearing a dress every day is not such a challenge. It’s the getting a picture taken every that is the biggest challenge.

I already warned my partner that either he gives me that tips and tricks to work with the camera lesson he promised me back in february or he’ll be responsible for taking my picture daily.

In the mean time I’ve been preparing by investing in tights and long sleeves to make some of my summer dresses winter proof; and I did a quick count of the dresses and tunics that should be suitable for wear in December and came up with a count of 22.