Skirtember Roundup

You know how I promised to change my life for the better and wear a skirt every day of September this year? Well, that didn’t quite happen (still home sick and all)…
I did however wear a skirt each time I left the house and I did get a picture of every outfit I’ve worn and posted it on the Go Frock Yourself group, since the Skirtember group really kinda died like I already feared.
I also did wear the 3 new skirts I bought earlier this year, so no regrets and better luck wearing skirts every day of the month next year!

And since I feel a roundup should have pictures; here are my 3 favourite outfit pictures.




Have you participated in Skirtember? Did you manage to wear a skirt and get your picture taken every day of the month?



Today was the last day of the #IwillwearwhatIwant “challenge” (I’m preparing a roundup by Wednesday) and tomorrow I have the next challenge lined up: skirtember –  a whole month of nothing but skirts.
For various reasons I didn’t really manage to keep up with skirts for a whole month over the past few years but I’m going to change my life for the better this year (even though the dedicated Facebook group seems to have died…).
Although I’m mostly a dresses kinda girl, I have bought 3 new skirts over the past year and I am really looking forward to wearing them this time.

Usually when I start a challenge, I change the layout of my walk in wardrobe to accommodate for it, but not this time…
I mentioned before that I was doing my spring cleaning one cupboard and one drawer at the time and that is exactly what I did with my wardrobe over the course of August. Now, all my skirts are hanging from the same rail and all my tops, tunics and cardigans hang from the rail above it, which should make choosing the right outfit for the occasion a piece of cake.

How do you feel about challenges like skirtember? Have you ever participated?
Do you change the layout of your wardrobe when you participate in a challenge?


Counting down to the first of September, not to go to school again, but for the start of Skirtember. A full month of wearing skirts.

Every time I take part in a challenge, I rearange my wardrobe in order to make it more easy to find an outfit to wear and since I gained a little weight, I also added a fitting session to find out just which skirts are available for me to wear.
There are 15 skirts I can easily fit into, so getting through the month wearing skirts only shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll try to post my outfits daily on the facebook group I’m part of so I can post an update at the start of October

Challenge accepted

At the office party my new boss kinda challenged me into wearing something suit like. Never one to back down from I challenge I accepted to wear just that on my first official day at our company (until the end of December I was a temp).

challenge 2


And I have some more challenges lined up for this year: getting out of my comfort zone by trying to wear nothing but jeans in Januray (starting as of tomorrow), giving the February eco-fashion challenge (in which I got second place in 2011) another try, skirtember and who knows what else will come my way.