The Silver Sandal Search

As I mentioned in my latest wishlist update, I’m looking to replace my silver “princess” sandals.

As per usual I pop in and out of shoe stores each time I pass one, but I also regularly look into all the shoe sales over at Vente Exclusive.

A little while back there was an Hypnosi sale, where I spotted a pair of sandals that ticked all the boxes: flats, silver and strappy…

Picture Vente Exclusive

So, I decided, for the very first time in my life to order shoes online…
Because they have really good return conditions and because I didn’t know the sizing of the brand I even decided to order them in two sizes.

The shoes arrived for pickup last week on Saturday and since I needed to pop out to the store for some groceries I picked them up straight away.


Great was my disappointment when they turned out to be bronze rather than silver while at the same time they were just as strappy as I like and fitted perfectly without irritating the old scars of an operation from years ago.
Oh cruel faith…

I contemplated keeping them, since I used to not like silver coloured shoes either, but in the end I decided to send them back anyway…
I know myself, if I’m not instantly wowed by a pair of shoes (or if they are not the only pair on earth that I can wear at the time), I probably won’t wear them. So I decided to continue my search…

In the mean time there is a Tamaris sale is on going at Vente Exclusive and if the below sandals fit and are as silver as they appear in the picture, my search may be at an end… To be continued somewhere in the next two weeks…

Picture: Vente Exclusive

Have you ever bought shoes online? And have you ever been disappointed because they were perfect except for the colour?


Another month another update…

– I was going to put the search for a pair of gray suede boots on hold till winter, but since winter collections are starting to make their appearances in stores, I’ve spotted one or two potential candidates in the advertising leaflets we get from the local shoe shops. So I will check that out somewhere next week or so.
– In stead of buying the a nice pair of new collection red Mary Janes I spotted during the sales period, i bought a pair of even nicer red court shoes.
– still no pair of brown court shoes
– so far no luck in finding the black and red slingbacks I really like. Or with finding the denim upper’s pair I really liked in my size, but I’m not ready to give up on those yet.
– the search for some more summery wedges will have to wait till next summer, especially since i only managed to wear the pair I bought this year twice because of the lousy summer we had.

Red shoes

Managed to scratch one more pair of shoes of the wishlist yesterday.
With the last update I already mentioned that I had my eye on a lovely pair of red Mary Janes, which I refused to buy during the sales period as they were new collection.
So I went out to buy them yesterday, slightly fearing that they would no longer be available in my size, when my eye fell on a pair of red court shoes at about half the prize of the Mary Janes.
I tried on both pairs and the court shoes not only fitted me better but also pleased me more, so it’s them that were allowed to come home with me.

I’ve already worn them all day today and they are so comfy I could walk to the moon and back in them.

Wishlist update

Two months have gone by since the last whislist update, so let’s see what has changed on there.

– the search for a pair of gray suede boots is on hold till winter
– I spotted a nice pair of red Mary Janes last week in a tone I really liked (which isn’t always obvious with red), but they’re already new collection, and it doesn’t sit well with me to buy them during the sales period.
– still no pair of brown court shoes
– found a gorgeous pair of nude peep toes but haven’t been able to wear them yet. In June there was the recovery from the attempted toe murder and for the better part of July it’s been raining, which isn’t the best of conditions for suede shoes
– so far no luck in finding the black and red slingbacks I really like. Or with finding the denim upper’s pair I really liked in my size, but I’m not ready to give up on those yet.
– didn’t really look into the sales yet so there’s still hope to find some more summery wedges

How do they do it?

I’ll never understand how women with only three or four pairs of shoes manage.

Ever since the toe accident I have been limited to wearing the above three pairs of open toed flats and it’s been quite a challenge to get an outfit together in the morning (sheesh, I usually have more pairs of shoes with me if I go on a city-trip) . Especially since it has been mostly chilly and rainy since the accident.

So on Friday I spent my lunch break at the shopping center, visiting my favourite shoe store there, hoping to add another pair of open toed flats to the collection, when I passed these beauties:

I instantly fell in love and when they fitted like a glove I didn’t even look at the price tag and just bought them. They just had to become mine!!
And with that I can strike through the peep toe nudes I had on my wishlist.


At the beginning of the shoepershoe challenge I reflected on the types of shoes I would like to add to my collection. Since i’ve added a few more shoes to my collection the past few weeks, I thought it would be nice to check up on how I’m doing wishlist wise with an update

– a pair of gray suede boots (won’t look into finding these again till winter)
– a pair of red court shoes (saw several pairs I liked except for the tone of red)
– pair of brown court shoes (tried on a beautiful pair of congac Marie-Janes, but they were damaged and it was the last pair)
– a pair of nude peep toes (had forgotten about this whish, so I’ll have to start looking again)
– a pair of black slingbacks (been looking for them but haven’t had any luck so far)
– pair of red slingbacks (I tried on 2 pairs of slingback canvas wedges, but neither was available in my size)

Extra additions to the whishlist

– some more summery (peeptoe? cork? canvas?) wedges
– a new pair of shoes with denim uppers to replace these beauties. I have found the pair I like except for the tiny detail of finding them in my size.