Marlies Dekkers bra fitting

If there is one thing that I haven’t kept a secret, it’s my love for Marlies Dekkers (proof here, here and here) and the fact that a high quality well-fitting bra is important to me.
So, when you could enroll for a bra fitting session through the brands news letter, that is exactly what I did.
A little while later I received an invitation mail from Lin’s Lingerie and last Saturday I had my fitting.

I was greeted by a friendly woman who clearly loves what she does and knows what she’s doing and after a little chat about lingerie in general and Marlies Dekkers and Barbara more in dept, it was time for the real work.

First my band size was measured, this is measured at band height just below your bust and gives you the number in your bra size.
Then my cup size was measured, this is measured on the fullest part of your breast and gives you the letter in your bra size.
To round up the measuring part the prefect model for me was determined as a balcony or plunge balcony model, based on my breast volume and breast implantation on my chest.

With some extra tips on the best way to put on a bra and how to correctly wear it (the band should always be parallel to the floor and the straps should not dig into your shoulders) I was then shown some models that would suite me best and I decided to take the Oriental Morphosis home…

MD oriental morphosis

Because it was a fitting session, I was sent home with a fitting kit containing amongst other things a perfect fit card, a voucher for 5 EUR (which I immediately spent on the above bra) and a lovely tape-measure.
I was further spoiled by the shop owner with some extra goodies like a choker and a beach bag.


It’s good to get confirmation that I am still wearing the correct bra size (although it is recommended to measure up every six months or so) and that so far I’ve chosen the right model, so I can continue to buy the right size over at Vente Exclusive when they have another Marlies Dekkers sale.
However, since I was welcomed so heartily and helped out so generously I will most definitely return to Lin’s Lingerie (which is located in Lede a mere 15 min drive from my door) in the future.


Dames de Paris

From a young age, with the purchase of my first bra, my mother pressed upon me the importance of a supportive and good fitting bra and I’m very glad she did.

Over the years, as I got a little top heavier, I tried out a lot of brands and there’s only one that has been constantly present in my underwear drawer: Marlies Dekkers.
(Although I must admit that if more stores would stock Barbara lingerie, that brand would also still be in my drawer).

My love for this brand is no secret (I already talked about it here, here and here) and the main reasons are: the great support, the great fit, the superior materials, the wide range in colours and models and of course their superior service when you’re visiting one of their stores.

My latest purchase was from the Dame de Paris line, probably one of the best known and most spotted Marlies Dekkers bra lines. The collection is available in ivory and black throughout the year and each season a new fashionable colour is added to this collection.
What I like about this particular model is the smooth contour of the cup which give you a seamless look making this bra perfect as a t-shirt bra. The lovely straps above the cup can make up a nice little detail in an outfit, but can just as well be covered up.

Marlies Dekkers Get Dressed event

I’ve said it before (here and here) I’m a big fan of Marlies Dekkers.

So when I saw they were once again holding a Get Dressed event, I immediatly enrolled for the session in Breda. And was happy to learn a few days later that, out of over a 1000 people, I was chosen to attend.

On Friday after work I drove to Breda from (which took almost 2,5 hours in stead of the 1h and 10 min it should take), to arrive at the store just in time, where I was welcomed with a glass of prosecco, some hors d’oevres and a nice voucher.


After a word of welcome and an introduction by someone of the head office, the evening started.
Trying on the gorgious luxurious lingerie, trying on some of the selected festive clothing for the holidays and asking the stylist at hand about how to style your festive clothing around your lingerie.

As so often when I enter the store in Breda, there’s always a set that starts screaming it wants to go home with me. This time it was the Johan Maurits set in royal blood red. And guess what, it went home with me.

md front

After a nice evening with nice chats and quite some good advice I was even more happy to go home with this nice goody bag with amongst others 2 gorgeous christmas ornaments, hoping that in the future I will again be so lucky to be chosen to attend an event.



Shopping in Breda

It isn’t easy to find suitable pants for my crane-fly of a partner. Jeans that are long enough not to look like capri pants on him are not to be found in Belgium, so we have to go shopping for them in the Netherlands.
As Armistice Day is a bank holiday in Belgium but not in the Netherlands, my partner and I have made a tradition of going shopping in Breda on November 11.
Just like the past few years our stop over at Jeans Center was a success and he took home 2 pairs of jeans.

Since I discovered the pleasure of wearing Marlies Dekkers lingerie an extra stop at the Breda flagship store is also on the list.
Shopping there is a real experience: the shop is beautifully decorated, the shop girls are very helpful, there are comfy seats to soften the pain of having to wait till I’m done trying and choosing and there’s always good quality tea and coffee if you like.

Through the newsletter I knew that there were some very lovely purple models in the collection and those were the once I wanted to try on, since after a lingerie drawer clear out I no longer owned a bra in my favourite colour (the horror). The choice fell on the below model.

Pink ribbon – Marlies Dekkers

Pink ribbon is the international sign of breast cancer awareness.
During October the global Breast Cancer Awareness Month companies and organisations all over the world aim to raise awareness in lots of different ways.

Marlies Dekkers, my favorite lingerie designer, has designed a special Pink ribbon lingerie set, for the second year in a row. Proceeds of the sale of this set are donated to breast cancer awareness foundations over the world (Think Pink for Belgium).

One of the selling points for Belgium was the private sales site Vente Exclusive which regularly has a Marlies Dekkers sale. The good thing about this lingerie brand is that once you know what size you are, you can rest assured that all bra’s of that size will fit wonderfully, so they are ideal to buy in online sales.
I absolutely liked the design and since Vente Exlusive donated an extra 10% to charity on top of the 10% I decided to buy it there.

The package arrived just in time for my birthday (so my mom offered me the set as a birthday gift) and also include the Move Magazine as well as a Move against breast cancer t-shirt. For this action Marlies Dekkers organised 6 special sports clinics throughout Belgium and The Netherlands in order to inspire women to move more, since exercising can reduce chances of getting breast cancer by 20-40%.

Apart from that Marlies Dekkers also designed a special Care Bra which has a concealed pocket which fits every size of prothesis and ensures a comfortable fit because it’s very flexible.