Last of the summer shoes – Shoeper shoe challenge 21

Saved my last pair of summer shoes when I went babysitting. I chose to wear something both elegant but also easy to goof around in with my two nephews (ages 5 and 7), which was a good choice as I ended up in a sword fight with all the kids of their street.
I even managed to kill 3 enemies although the first idea was to have one group kidnap me and the other group save me.

What I love about these NR/RAPISARDI sandals is:

– the straps (obviously)
– the glitter
– the special shape of the heel
– the fact that a sweet friend of mine called them real princess sandals


Out with the old, in with the new

After visiting somewhere in between 30 and 40 shoe stores in my quest for THE pair of flat silver sandals, i was starting to give up on the idea of finding them this year.
Until I joined my partner in a quest for new sunglasses that are dark enough for his very sensitive eyes and we passed by a “shoe boutique” I totally forgot was there and I finally found THE pair I had been looking for.

These strappy NR|RAPISARDI sandals with a little heel, will be worthy replacements for the below sandals that I learned to love over time.