Jump from paper

When I first saw the Jump from Paper bags, I didn’t quite know what to think of them:fascinating, slightly creepy and how on earth does anything fit in those purses???
Yet I still kept going back to look at the Martini-bag, cause honestly a bag that combines polka dots and my beloved black and red combination… What’s not to love.

After seeing the Ballerina-bag live and seeing how much fits in there, I was certain: I want that Martini bag!

So when the nice people over at Sobaggy announced a 30% sales discount on the whole Jump from Paper collection it was only a matter of a few clicks before the bag was ordered… And delivered the next business day (with a nice card and a bag of vanilla and coconut flavoured popcorn, which I’ll share with my friends during the next roleplaying session).

And here she is, isn’t she lovely?


How do you feel about the 2D-look of this handbag? Are you tempted to buy one?


So Foxy

I had been saying to myself that it was high time to get me a new wallet, but then I kept postponing getting one because of [insert random reason].
Until at the Belgian Girl Geek event a SoBaggy voucher was part of our goodie bag and I started browsing the wallets part of their site, where I was immediately charmed by all the gorgeous Shagwear models with there vivid colours and cute designs.

I ended up choosing this gorgeous blue foxy model, which was mine only 2 days later. Accompanied with a yummie chocolate and a very personal thank you card.


The great service has me convinced that this might have been the first, but will certainly not be my last purchase!

#5BEGG : Become an e-entrepreneur

Belgian Girl Geeks organizes free events for women interested in techie stuff, innovation and the digital world.
On the 23th of February they organized their fifth. event around e-entrepreneurship at The Hotel, Brussels, the hotel where Obamma stayed when he visited Belgium last year.

First of the sponsor bol.com provided us with insights on Customer Centricity and then gave us a scoop about the launch of their web shop dedicated to bags: www.bol.com/tassen for which they work together with amongst others Sobaggy and Torfs.
Furthermore they talked about their selling platform for smaller e-entrepreneurs: www.bol.com/verkopen.

Next up were 3 passionate female e-entrepreneurs who thought us about their site and products and shared some useful insights with us:

– Claudia from Flying Frenzy, a cat toy shop, gave us tips on the choice of product, good stock management and the importance of personal contact

– Dorien from Luxedy, an online jewelry shop, thought us about the importance of differentiating yourself when you’re selling a product that numerous other web shops sell. It’s important to keep on innovating and experimenting with new ideas and as such she recently launched Luxedy@home

– Sarah from Hello My Dear, a platform where you can create beautiful “life” stories which you can then print in a gorgeous book. Her main advice was to never ask feedback from family and friends, since they’ll support you no matter what! Ask a stranger if you want genuine insights to improve your product or service

The evening ended with some more drinks and chats, a nicely filled goody bag (sponsored by Bol.com, Flying Frenzy, The Hotel. Brussels, Luxedy, Snoepzoet and So Baggy), the possibility to take a tour of the hotel and a contest to win one of 3 TOV bags worth €150.


I helped my friend who really wanted one of the bags with a picture for the contest, which we unfortunately didn’t win.
But competing was already more than half the fun.