Long overdue wishlist update

Shortly after entering the Shoeper Shoe Challenge back in 2011 I decided to start keeping track of a shoe wishlist.
Since I last updated the list some things have changed, while others have remained the same.

Wishlist update

– Up until today I haven’t found a pair of brown court shoes that both please me and are available in my size. Since I’m an autumn type and brown is a typical autumnal colour, this kinda worries me.
I did find a pair of leopard print court shoes that work well with most of my outfits that feature brown as a primary colour and for the rest I made do with cognac or tan boots during winter, brown sandals and nude peep toes during summer and nude slingbacks in spring and autumn, but it is still making do…
– The fact that I still haven’t found any grey suede boots worries me less, since they are more of a nice to have than I must have in my book;
I’ve added a pair of brown boots to the boots-search since I have such a hard time finding a pair that suits me and I would like to have a new pair before the current pair is no longer fit to wear. Luckily I take such good care of my collection that I don’t have to replace them every single year.
– Still no red or back slingbacks, although I must admit I haven’t really looked for slingbacks anymore. I kinda forgot about wanting to add these to my collection… I might still add a pair of red ones for the in-between-seasons weather, but I’m going to throw the black ones from the list
– I found a gorgeous pair of court shoes with denim uppers and a cork stiletto heel from my (still) all time favourite brand Tamaris and they are even prettier than the ones I had been chasing down but were never available in my size.
Turns out they only started at 37, which isn’t uncommon with shoes with a significant heel or platform.
– I managed to buy two more pairs of summery wedges: a lilac one and a black peeptoe one. Since wedges are so comfortable I expect that some of my future summer shoes will be wedges.
– I’m looking to replace my silver sandals, since they probably won’t last more than another summer. I used to have an aversion to metal coloured sandals, but I can now appreciate their versatility

New addition

Since I changed jobs, I no longer have about 700 shoe stores at lunch break distance, so my collection hasn’t grown as much over the past few years as it would have a few years back.
I do hop by the two local little shopping areas to check out new collections, sales, special actions,.. but between those two shopping areas there are only 5 or 6 shoe stores…

My latest additions are

– a pair of black Mary Janes and nude sling backs, both from Tamaris, bought at the Torfs stock sale. Torfs has a similar sale in their warehouses twice a year and I try to pass by them if it fits my agenda. You have to have luck at your side in finding something during those sales, but so far I have found 2 pairs of shoes about once every second time I go there.


Both pairs of shoes were bought to replace similar shoes that have served their time.

– the jeans and the white flats in the below picture. They are ideal for when my ankle acts up in summer and I’m stuck with wearing flats only. They are cute enough to work with a dress and are ideal for summer festivals and such. That is why each year I go to the store where they sell them to make sure that I have at least one white and one black pair and to add any other colours that I fancy and they have in their collection for that year.


Right after taking this picture and storing all shoes again in their boxes in the cupboard, I realised I also have a lilac pair. But I couldn’t really convince myself to go to the attic to go and find them and redo the picture, so you’ll just have to believe me on that one 😉


Things I like: Butterflies

I love butterflies. I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember.
In fact, the first bedtime story I really remember, was one about two butterflies who where caught out in the rain. My greataunt used to tell me the story, just like she had done for my mum when she was little. And when that favourite aunt passed away, my mum took up the tradition of telling me the story, both before bed time and each time we saw a set of 2 butterflies playing.

Whereas the photographer housemate only likes to admire them from afar (he thinks they are too bug like and creepy up close), there is nothing that can make me more happy on a summers day then a butterfly landing on my hand.

My collection of all things butterfly includes:some drinking glasses, several hair pins, a ring and a pair of gorgious shoes.


And hopefully one day it will also contain this lovely Lady V Teal Green Rosetta swing dress

Shoeper shoe challenge #13

Since, as I was pointed out earlier this week, bare legs dry quicker than trousered legs, I decided to wear a dress yesterday despite it raining cats and dogs.

Bought this dress at L&L last year before the plans my cousin and I made to celebrate our mutual birthdays in Madrid were canceled, because I thought it would make a great “Partying in Madrid” dress.
In the end it became my celebrating my birthday in Belgium dress, but I didn’t regret buying it for one second.

The shoes are Caravelle and are just the tone of red I like, but what I like the most about them is the woven strappy cut-out.

At the same time it’s the first time in months that I’ve managed to take a picture for Frocking Fridday, even though I have been wearing mostly dresses on Friday all year long.

Mothers day – shoeper shoe challenge #12

The Province of Antwerp must be about the only place on earth where they celebrate Mothers day on the 15th of August.
In my family we celebrate it rather enthusiastically for my paternal grandmother, resulting in 9 out of 10 grandchildren and 11 out of 17 great grandchildren being present, some of them coming back to Belgium from as far as Bologna, Malaga and Toulouse.
Here’s a picture of my grandmother with the great grandchildren present.

And of course someone took a picture of everyone who tried to take above picture.

Since the weather was for once fine enough to wear my new suede Vic peep toes I took advantage of saving them. The dress I’m wearing (yes, once again a wrap dress), is the latest addition to my closet and was bought at Morgan on the last day of the sales period.

It’s in the genes

I already new I inherited my love for expensive clothes from my mom, but a few weeks back I discovered that it’s just the same with my love for gorgeous (expensive) shoes.

If it weren’t for the fact that they are two sizes to big, I would have warned my mom to keep an eye on these, cause they look like shoes who are inclined to magically move from her closet to mine (over a distance of 120km)