Dressember 10: Sparkly Saturday = Shoesave #26

I only own 1 sparkly dress and 1 pair of sparkly shoes, so my Sparkly Saturday outfit wasn’t hard to pick.

The dress was my mom’s prom dress and I wore it to my prom too. The shoes used to belong to my great-aunt who was a big shoe lover herself and had the same shoe size as I have. Unfortunately this is the only pair that remains from her vast collection, since I was way to young to wear her shoes when she passed away and my mom didn’t have the same size. She kept one pair of shoes to remember her aunt by and she gave it to me a few years back. Needless to say I am very carefull with them.

Honesty compels me to admit that I only wore this dress for picture-taking purposes 😉

Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywhere


The 1st of December

Was a very Important day for me. Not only did it mark the start of this year’s Dressember edition, it is also the last day of the “regular” shoes to save (from now on it’s special shoes and boots) and last but not least it also the day we signed the purchase deed for our house.
This is officially my first shoe save as a home owner!

For the occasion I wore my polka dot L&L dress with my new P.I.U.R.E. shoes.

And just to add that little extra I chose this lovely pair of Veneziana tights

75th Boekenbeurs – Shoeper Shoe Challenge #24

When I was little my mom took me, my sister and my brother along to De Boekenbeurs an annual book fair in Antwerp.
We looked at books and always got to choose one as a Christmas present and one to read straight away. I already was an avid reader back then, so very often I also bought 2 or 3 extra books myself.

The first weekend of November I got tickets to the festive opening of the 75th edition of the fair, and for old time sake I invited my mom to go along.
It was nice to have a mother-daughter outing and to go along in the buying books as gifts tradition by helping my mom choose a books for my two nephews (in the end it was me who chose all but 1 book) and buying a book for myself (Papillon, a classic which I read while still living at my parents, but didn’t own myself), but all the food and drinks we got did not outweigh the crowds or the rude people. So for the years to come I would gladly settle for a free ticket on a week day in stead of ticket for the opening night.

I took a bit of a gamble with my choice in shoes for the evening by wearing a new pair of black boots. I bought them to replace the interim bike boots, and they prove to be worthy successors since I managed to visit the fair as well as the 5-minute walk from and to the parking spot without ever knowing I wore them for the first time.

This scarf is my new favourite scarf. Bought it on our second day in Legoland in September, since I forgot to pack one (even though I had enough stuff with me to cover a 2 or 3 week in stead of a 1 week visit to Denmark, according to my partner).

Test drive – Shoeper shoe challenge #23

My partner is looking for a new bike. As he thinks my opinion as a passenger counts, he took me along when he went to test drive the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure.
Since it had been over 2 years since the last time we had a bike ride, I no longer have any decent bike boots, so I put on my oldest pair of black boots.

In the below picture they are worn in a more traditional way, with a wrap dress. One of the first dresses in the “buy a special b-day dress” tradition.

Unfortunately these boots are starting to look a bit worse for wear, and I’ve already looked into buying a replacement pair, but they are comfy as old boots so I’m just not ready to part with them yet.
That’s why I’ll keep them a while longer to serve as boots to wear to concerts, festivals,… where it’s important to wear comfy footwear that is a little bit resistant.

Birthdaygirl – Shoepershoe challenge #22

A few years back I started the tradition of buying myself a pretty new dress for my birthday, which I then wear to my birthday party.
Apparently I’m not the only one to do so, one of my colleagues (who must have a wardrobe almost as big as a 2 bedroom apartment going by the many different outfits she wears to work) does so too. She even goes as far as to have the shop girl gift wrap it for her.

This year’s dress is from Casis and was love at first sight and upon trying it on I knew this was to be this year’s b-day dress.

I wore it to my party with the last pair of Tamaris shoes I still had to save. A pair of nude slingbacks, vhich can be easily worn when the weather doesn’t really know which season it wants to belong too.

The party was great: had yummie food, received lovely gifts, had a nice time with my family.
After the weekend when I got back to work I was also spoiled by my colleagues, who presented me with a New Look gift voucher.

As is tradition: before I received the voucher I saw lots of stuff I wanted to buy, but since I received it there’s not really anything that yells out at me. But no worries the voucher is still valid for a long while so if I pop into the store from time to time, I should be able to find something that really pleases me.

Last of the summer shoes – Shoeper shoe challenge 21

Saved my last pair of summer shoes when I went babysitting. I chose to wear something both elegant but also easy to goof around in with my two nephews (ages 5 and 7), which was a good choice as I ended up in a sword fight with all the kids of their street.
I even managed to kill 3 enemies although the first idea was to have one group kidnap me and the other group save me.

What I love about these NR/RAPISARDI sandals is:

– the straps (obviously)
– the glitter
– the special shape of the heel
– the fact that a sweet friend of mine called them real princess sandals

Clumsy me – Shoeper shoe challenge #19 and #20

Last week I was grateful that Shoeperwoman changed the rules of the Shoeper shoe challenge and we don’t have to include a full length shot of our outfit anymore.

On Thursday morning I had taken advantage of the Indian summer we were enjoying (and which should lasted till Monday, giving me enough time to save the last 3 pairs of summery shoes that needed saving) to save my white strappy sandals.
Was planning to have my picture taken in the evening, but I managed to spill most of the vinaigrette I got with my salad when I was trying to open it, effectively making sure my outfit was no longer suitable for a shoe challenge picture.
Luckily the meeting with my new client was before my lunch break.

I bought these sandals in Malaga, 2 years ago in September, when I was visiting my cousin who lives about 25km outside of Malaga.
It was the same day my wallet was stolen, which caused some distress, but couldn’t counter the happiness I felt in finding these shoes after searching after a pair of white sandals for most of the summer.

By the way, it’s quite impossible to take decent pictures of your own feet, luckily I have my personal photographer

A few days later I saved the last pair of 3 very comfy Le Routard flats (the white ones), but didn’t manage to take a decent pictures since once again a lost a fight with some of my food and ended up spilling it on my skirt.