A few years back, after I learned that (apart from on certain special occasions) adults are not allowed to wear costumes in the Disney parks, I learned about Disneybounding.

Essentially, Disneybounding is dressing up as beloved Disney characters… without wearing a costume.
Emulating the characters through accessories and color blocking with close attention to detail.

I first gave it a real try during my 2020 Disneyworld visit, when every outfit I took along was basically a Disneybound outfit.

And I must have done something right… Since on our last night I endend up waltzing with The Beast, during our meet and greet after dinner at his castle.
Which is by far my most magical Disney moment! 💜💜💜

This experience gave me such a taste for Disneybounding that I tried to Disneybound for a whole month in October, to celebrate Disneyworld’s 50th aniversary.
But that is worth a blog post of its own.

Breaking the unspoken dresscode

One of the easiest ways to fit into a larger group is to adapt their unspoken dresscode, like wearing black and combat boots at a metal festival or a jeans and graphic t-shirt at a tech conference.

I did both and although, at first glance, you might think that I fitted in perfectly, too me it only emphasised my impostor syndrome. In stead of feeling like I fitted in, I felt like I was being a fake who tried too hard to fit in.

That is basically when I discovered that what I wear (mostly pretty dresses), is my portable comfort zone, even when I stand out. Maybe even especially when I stand out.

And that is why in July I packed only gothy outfits for an unconference and chose a gold threaded dress and golden scarf to attend the Rammstein concert in Ostend earlier this week.

Although it might be debatable whether I actualy broke the dresscode since gold is a precious metal after all.

Back in unfashion business

It’s been quite a while since I last posted here.
The past few years have been quite tumultuous and the first thing that flies out of the window (and the last thing that’s welcomed back into the house) when I’m not feeling well is blogging.

Without wanting to elaborate on the past 6 years or so, I do think it’s important to touch upon how I am still on the mend from the unexpected side effects of a routine operation, which resulted in:
– an ongoing revalidation of +2 years
– having to completely restart said revalidation after the 2 month COVID lockdown and the closing of the physical therapy practices (about 9 months after the initial operation).
– quite some weight gain (meds, not being able to excercise, eating my feelings,…)
– not being able to work for 2 years and starting up progressively since October
– the mental strain from all of the above

I am once again doing fine, some good stuff has been thrown my way too and I have learned to appreciate what I CAN do even more than I did before.

And since I haven’t lost my love for all things (un)fashion, it’s time for me to start rambling again!

Back to work

After nine months out, I returned to work on Monday.
Such a massive event obviously required a new outfit, so as soon as I knew I would officially be starting again I planned a trip to Lola&Liza.

The result of my shopping trip: a dark blue dress with a pattern including many of autumn type approved colours and a gorgeous orange blazer that will work with a lot of the dresses I have in my wardrobe.


On the day I wore the outfit with a pair of navy tights and my denim court shoes.

Skirtember Roundup

You know how I promised to change my life for the better and wear a skirt every day of September this year? Well, that didn’t quite happen (still home sick and all)…
I did however wear a skirt each time I left the house and I did get a picture of every outfit I’ve worn and posted it on the Go Frock Yourself group, since the Skirtember group really kinda died like I already feared.
I also did wear the 3 new skirts I bought earlier this year, so no regrets and better luck wearing skirts every day of the month next year!

And since I feel a roundup should have pictures; here are my 3 favourite outfit pictures.




Have you participated in Skirtember? Did you manage to wear a skirt and get your picture taken every day of the month?

Sanex Advanced Review

As mentioned here, I got the chance to try out the Sanex Advanced Atopiderm shower gel and body lotion. After a month of regular use of both products it is time for a review.


The body lotion comes in a bottle with a handy pump system. You do have to be careful when you take this bottle with you on vacation, since the pump is rather fragile.
The shower gel comes in squeeze bottle that is shaped in such a way that it lies comfortably in your hand.

The product

The body lotion has a nice but subtle perfume, isn’t greasy and is immediately absorbed by the skin. The pump system allows you to use just the right amount of product without making a mess.
The shower gel with its more neutral scent gives a nice and creamy lather.

The benefits according to Sanex

The product is developed with the help of dermatologists and promises the following advantages:
– repairing the skin barrier
– care for severe dehydration
– protection against itchy skin and irritation

The results

I noticed a big difference on the dry patches on my elbows and knees after using the body lotion for a few days, although I’m not sure the results will be as promising when the weather gets wintry cold and my skin gets extremely dry, itchy and irritated.
One of my housemates benefitted immediately from the body lotion’s protection against itches and irritation when using it after a shower or a bath.

The verdict

As the body lotion really lives up to its promised results I’m fairly certain I will buy it again.
The advantages of the shower gel are a little less clear and since I almost never buy my own shower gel I probably won’t buy this product myself.
Chances of me trying the roll on deodorant are quite higher since I have a coupon and I a roll on deodorant is my go to type of deodorant for travels and festivals.

Do you have any experience with Sanex, its Advanced product lines or testing through The Insiders?

The end of the Duvet cover struggle

One of the household chores I struggle most with is changing the duvet cover, we have a massive bed and I am tiny…

My go to solution so far was to ask the crane fly of a housemate to change the cover for me, resulting in me getting frustrated not because I struggled with the cover but because I had to ask it a gazillion times…but those days are over since I learned about the burito trick shown in this video (which you probably all already knew).

Do you also struggle with the duvet or did you already know this trick?

Geeky Friday – Bioware Fashion

I can’t really remember how I came across it, I think it was in an article about their fashion show at PAX, but at the moment I’m hovering over the BioWare store looking at all the pretty, stylish and functional stuff they created for their lady fans (from size S to XXL, they really know how to do it right!).

When I came out as a geeky girl on this blog, I didn’t really mention I like playing computer games too, since I can’t actually play them because of my motion sickness (which also complicates taking selfies). But I do and so I play along with one of the housemates helping them make the right decisions and giving them style advise for their characters.
The game I liked best so far happens to be a BioWare game: Dragon Age.

So now I’m really thinking that it would be so awesome if this skater dress could become my birthday dress (yes, it seems I’m a bit obsessed with birthday dresses this week, but I promise I’ll talk about something else next week!)

dragon age

How do you feel about geeky clothing? Would you wear a dress, tank top or other item of clothing that could come right out of your favourite game?