At the beginning of the shoepershoe challenge I reflected on the types of shoes I would like to add to my collection. Since i’ve added a few more shoes to my collection the past few weeks, I thought it would be nice to check up on how I’m doing wishlist wise with an update

– a pair of gray suede boots (won’t look into finding these again till winter)
– a pair of red court shoes (saw several pairs I liked except for the tone of red)
– pair of brown court shoes (tried on a beautiful pair of congac Marie-Janes, but they were damaged and it was the last pair)
– a pair of nude peep toes (had forgotten about this whish, so I’ll have to start looking again)
– a pair of black slingbacks (been looking for them but haven’t had any luck so far)
– pair of red slingbacks (I tried on 2 pairs of slingback canvas wedges, but neither was available in my size)

Extra additions to the whishlist

– some more summery (peeptoe? cork? canvas?) wedges
– a new pair of shoes with denim uppers to replace these beauties. I have found the pair I like except for the tiny detail of finding them in my size.


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