Geeky Friday – The games edition

Both my housemates and I love playing board and card games and playing these kinds of games is a bit of a theme in all of our friendships, we play them during games days or nights as well as in the early hours of our new year’s celebration.

On Sunday me and my newest housemate visited a couple of friends to play games with them and some other friends. We ended up also eating some take-out chinese, which wasn’t a straight forward thing as we first received the wrong order and had to return to the take-out place. We did get 2 complimentary bottles of wine and some krupuk to make up for the trouble.

I chose my outfit to be suitable for a small apartment holding quite some people on a summer’s day, but also wanted it to be geeky and I had to be able to add hooped earrings following the #IwillwearwhatIlike list.


In the end I did a triple transgression with hooped earrings as well as a sleeveless geeky graphical T-shirts, paired with a linen skirt and my orange Tamaris bow-sandals, which I bought for the my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

We played several games, some I had and some hadn’t played before, but there’s one that stood out enough to make it to my games wishlist. (Yes, apart from my shoe wishlist I also have several other wishlists, including a dresses wishlist)
It’s a game called Dixit, which apparently won a lot of prizes and awards according to boardgamegeek.

dixit Oddesey

The game goes as follows: the player whose turn it is (I’ll refer to this player as “the first player” for explaining purposes) will look at his/her cards and choose a sentence to “describe” one of the cards he or she has in hand. I use the word describe loosely since you actually want to give a hint about what’s on your card without giving too much away if you want to score points.

Once the “description” is known, all other players look into their hand for a card that could also match that description. They give the cards blindly to the first player who shuffles them and then lays them on the designated spots on the scoreboard.
The other players now try to guess which card was the one of the first player hoping to get it right.

If nobody or everybody finds the correct card, the storyteller scores 0 oints, and each of the other players scores 2 points. Otherwise the first player and whoever found the correct answer scores 3 points. All players, other than the first player, who get their cards voted for receive one point.
The game ends when someone scores 30 points.

As an added feature you can have the first player block one of the cards of the others to avoid it from scoring points too.
(both the choosing and the blocking is done secretively and revealed when everybody has made their choice)

The reason it’s on my whishlist? I love the possibility to do some storytelling and I love guessing games.

Do you like playing games? Have you ever played Dixit and if so, did you like it?


It’s that time of the year…

…where my ankle acts up and I can only wear flats (or kitten heels on good days).
Unlike a few years back, when I attempted to murder my toe, my collection of flats has grown quite a bit and I’m no longer restricted to these 3 strappy Le Routard numbers.


Or these 2 pairs of Mary Janes, that look exactly the same but really are a navy blue and black pair (and yes, I have at one point turned up at work wearing one of each because my blurry eyed self hadn’t noticed the difference in the morning… That ‘ll teach me to leave my shoes lying around instead of putting them back in their boxes when I take them of… Or not…)

I now have a rainbow of these very versatile beauties (and yes, I’m still too lazy to get them all out again to include the lilac pair, of which I already proven the existence right here).


And of course my silver “princess” sandals and their replacements, because the Tamaris silver strappy sandals arrived last week and they were indeed silver and strappy and a perfect fit, so my Silver Sandal Search is over (for now…)

So, even though I do miss my heels, this time around you won’t hear me complain (very much) that I don’t have any shoes to wear for the occasion…

The Silver Sandal Search

As I mentioned in my latest wishlist update, I’m looking to replace my silver “princess” sandals.

As per usual I pop in and out of shoe stores each time I pass one, but I also regularly look into all the shoe sales over at Vente Exclusive.

A little while back there was an Hypnosi sale, where I spotted a pair of sandals that ticked all the boxes: flats, silver and strappy…

Picture Vente Exclusive

So, I decided, for the very first time in my life to order shoes online…
Because they have really good return conditions and because I didn’t know the sizing of the brand I even decided to order them in two sizes.

The shoes arrived for pickup last week on Saturday and since I needed to pop out to the store for some groceries I picked them up straight away.


Great was my disappointment when they turned out to be bronze rather than silver while at the same time they were just as strappy as I like and fitted perfectly without irritating the old scars of an operation from years ago.
Oh cruel faith…

I contemplated keeping them, since I used to not like silver coloured shoes either, but in the end I decided to send them back anyway…
I know myself, if I’m not instantly wowed by a pair of shoes (or if they are not the only pair on earth that I can wear at the time), I probably won’t wear them. So I decided to continue my search…

In the mean time there is a Tamaris sale is on going at Vente Exclusive and if the below sandals fit and are as silver as they appear in the picture, my search may be at an end… To be continued somewhere in the next two weeks…

Picture: Vente Exclusive

Have you ever bought shoes online? And have you ever been disappointed because they were perfect except for the colour?

A first for everything

Went to a dear friend’s birthday party on Sunday and managed to squeeze in a lot of things done/worn for the first time.

The first time wearing a new outfit that I bought at L&L with a gift certificate I got for my birthday and the first time wearing my new Tamaris nude slingbacks. And realising it is the first time ever that I’m wearing patent shoes.

The first (and probably last) time I wore the Catrice Ultimate Nudes nail polish (05 Bonjour Chérie) that came with a Mother’s day goodiebag from Libelle.
Although it matched my outfit perfectly and I liked the shine and smoothness with which it applies, the colour doesn’t really please me.


The first time I saw close to a 100 tractors coming back from a meeting.


The first (and definitely not the last) time I ate IKEA blueberry cheesecake and almond tart.

Did your weekend contain any first time experiences?

Long overdue wishlist update

Shortly after entering the Shoeper Shoe Challenge back in 2011 I decided to start keeping track of a shoe wishlist.
Since I last updated the list some things have changed, while others have remained the same.

Wishlist update

– Up until today I haven’t found a pair of brown court shoes that both please me and are available in my size. Since I’m an autumn type and brown is a typical autumnal colour, this kinda worries me.
I did find a pair of leopard print court shoes that work well with most of my outfits that feature brown as a primary colour and for the rest I made do with cognac or tan boots during winter, brown sandals and nude peep toes during summer and nude slingbacks in spring and autumn, but it is still making do…
– The fact that I still haven’t found any grey suede boots worries me less, since they are more of a nice to have than I must have in my book;
I’ve added a pair of brown boots to the boots-search since I have such a hard time finding a pair that suits me and I would like to have a new pair before the current pair is no longer fit to wear. Luckily I take such good care of my collection that I don’t have to replace them every single year.
– Still no red or back slingbacks, although I must admit I haven’t really looked for slingbacks anymore. I kinda forgot about wanting to add these to my collection… I might still add a pair of red ones for the in-between-seasons weather, but I’m going to throw the black ones from the list
– I found a gorgeous pair of court shoes with denim uppers and a cork stiletto heel from my (still) all time favourite brand Tamaris and they are even prettier than the ones I had been chasing down but were never available in my size.
Turns out they only started at 37, which isn’t uncommon with shoes with a significant heel or platform.
– I managed to buy two more pairs of summery wedges: a lilac one and a black peeptoe one. Since wedges are so comfortable I expect that some of my future summer shoes will be wedges.
– I’m looking to replace my silver sandals, since they probably won’t last more than another summer. I used to have an aversion to metal coloured sandals, but I can now appreciate their versatility

New addition

Since I changed jobs, I no longer have about 700 shoe stores at lunch break distance, so my collection hasn’t grown as much over the past few years as it would have a few years back.
I do hop by the two local little shopping areas to check out new collections, sales, special actions,.. but between those two shopping areas there are only 5 or 6 shoe stores…

My latest additions are

– a pair of black Mary Janes and nude sling backs, both from Tamaris, bought at the Torfs stock sale. Torfs has a similar sale in their warehouses twice a year and I try to pass by them if it fits my agenda. You have to have luck at your side in finding something during those sales, but so far I have found 2 pairs of shoes about once every second time I go there.


Both pairs of shoes were bought to replace similar shoes that have served their time.

– the jeans and the white flats in the below picture. They are ideal for when my ankle acts up in summer and I’m stuck with wearing flats only. They are cute enough to work with a dress and are ideal for summer festivals and such. That is why each year I go to the store where they sell them to make sure that I have at least one white and one black pair and to add any other colours that I fancy and they have in their collection for that year.


Right after taking this picture and storing all shoes again in their boxes in the cupboard, I realised I also have a lilac pair. But I couldn’t really convince myself to go to the attic to go and find them and redo the picture, so you’ll just have to believe me on that one 😉

Happy Easter

As per yearly tradition we celebrated Easter at my parents, combined with a late Father’s day celebration (Antwerp is about the only region in the world celebrating it March 19) and a late birthday celebration for my brother-in-law.

Getting the party organised was already a big deal, since my sis hijacked the doodle my mum organised to force us to save 2 dates, so she could arrange a date with her in-laws.
There was no getting it into her head that she couldn’t fill out the form, ask to take her favourite choice in account, only to put us on hold until she got confirmation there was no double booking.

On the day it turned out her eldest son had a tournament causing them to arrive almost 3 hours late.
We didn’t let that get to us and already started on the cava, resulting in a lot of doodling on the paper napkins and tablecloth. (My Garfield drawing skills aren’t amazing, but you can recognise him, right…)


When everybody finally arrived it was time for pressies, Easter egg hunt and lots of yummy food and some heated conversations.

Even though the spring weather of the past few days had abandoned us, I still opted for a dress in a spring worthy color.


Everybody, Everywear

I can’t really remember when and how my attention was directed towards Everybody, Everywear, but I liked the concept immediately and even though this would have been the first time I was able to participate (because of a lack of DIY capabilities and coloured pants), I have enjoyed browsing the galleries of the past themes and getting new ideas of how I could “restyle” some of my favourite items (also know as, wear and combine what I have in different ways).
I said would have been, since Murphy reared his ugly head and boycotted me all the way: the battery of my camera turned out to be dead, couldn’t find my partner’s camera and had to wait till he was home from a work related meeting in Amsterdam, when we finally managed to take a picture my portable crashed upon uploading the photograph and I wasn’t able to do the upload on my partner’s pc since we couldn’t find the cable for his camera.

Since I managed the upload of the photo in the end, I’m putting it on here anyway and I’ll hope I’ll just have better luck with the next challenge 😉

For the coloured thights edition I went for 2 of my favourite colours: black and purple. Combining an LBD I bought this summer with a basic purple longsleeve and (almost) matching purple tights.
The shoes are from my favourite brand Tamaris.