The burden of taking pictures

When most people think of fashion bloggers, they immediately think of outfit posts.
And even though I see myself as an un-fashion blogger, I tend to take pictures for the challenges I partake in and that regularly gets quite frustrating.

In the beginning I used to enlist the help of my photographer housemate, but he doesn’t really have patience with portrait or fashion photography.
Our newest housemate is a lot more patient, but he isn’t always available (especially in the morning, when I’m not yet looking frumpy from a whole day out and about).

I tried taking pictures of myself with my DLR, I even got a flexible tripod for it, but that didn’t really work out that well.
Apart from the fights with the tripod, the timer settings are just too short and I would need to buy a remote for it, so I can take pictures if and when I’m ready and done fighting the tripod.

Over at the “Go frock yourself” facebook group (which grew out of Frocking Friday and Advent of the Dress), I was advised to use a timer app on my phone, which sounded as sound advise.
Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an option cause these timer apps make your screen really wobly, resulting in me getting very nauseated and unable to take my own picture.
The reason for this is that I suffer from Kinetosis, also known as motion sickness.
While most people suffer from it while in a moving vehicle (i.e. car sickness, sea sickness,..), I also and mostly suffer from it when screens are involved (think computer games, handy cam films, fast scenes in action movies), which is of course very annoying when you try to take pictures.

So I guess that until I get around buying that timer, I’ll have to make do with housemates, mirror selfies and pictures taken at parties by (un)willing family members or friends.


Shoeper shoe challenge #15 – BBQ time

For the annual BBQ of my partners game club mother nature decided to give us some nice weather, which means I managed to save yet another pair of summer shoes and at the same time managed to take another picture of me frocking on a Friday.
The theme is the same as last week, red and black, since those are two colours I like and look good in.

The wrap dress is one I got from a nice little boutique on a shopping trip with my mom and sis (we try to do that twice a year, in June when it’s my sister’s birthday and in October when it’s my birthday).
They tried to talk me out of buying the dress because they didn’t really liked it, while I immediately fell in love with it and some of the other customers in the boutique commented that I shouldn’t listen to them.
I decided to ignore my mom and is and buy it anyway and haven’t regretted it once sec, in fact it’s the dress I’ve gotten the most compliments ever.

The shoes are my only pair of kitten heels and I’m not really sure what to think of this heel, other than that it’s a comfortable height when my ankle acts up without having to wear flats. I also learned that they are not ideal footwear when attending a party on a giant lawn (which of course I didn’t know).
And if you were still wondering what I like so much about them… it’s the straps!

Shoeper shoe challenge #13

Since, as I was pointed out earlier this week, bare legs dry quicker than trousered legs, I decided to wear a dress yesterday despite it raining cats and dogs.

Bought this dress at L&L last year before the plans my cousin and I made to celebrate our mutual birthdays in Madrid were canceled, because I thought it would make a great “Partying in Madrid” dress.
In the end it became my celebrating my birthday in Belgium dress, but I didn’t regret buying it for one second.

The shoes are Caravelle and are just the tone of red I like, but what I like the most about them is the woven strappy cut-out.

At the same time it’s the first time in months that I’ve managed to take a picture for Frocking Fridday, even though I have been wearing mostly dresses on Friday all year long.

Frocking Friday meets the eco-fashion challenge

For the first Frocking Friday that coincides with the eco-fashion challenge I chose this dress that I received as a gift when my partner and I visited Disneyland Paris for the first time. He bought it for me at the Rainforest Café in The Village, where it was marketed as a nightie.
I’ve only worn it once to sleep in and it wasn’t a big success, I kept on getting tangled up in the shoulder straps, so in the end I decided to give it a second chance as a regular little black dress.

The aubergine wrap top was bought new, but stays in line with the eco-challenge since it’s 100% bio cotton and was bought at a store which only sells fair trade clothes and fabrics.

Frocking Friday January roundup

Frocking Friday is the result of all the Dressember 2010 girls not wanting to go cold turkey until Dressember 2011 comes up. So we all vowed to wear a dress at least every Friday of the year and to share the pictures on the dedicated Facebook page.

Although I’ve faithfully worn dresses every Friday of January, I only managed pictures on two occasions. January’s Fridays have just been too packed with office parties, New Year’s receptions and such stuff, that I just didn’t get round to having my picture taken.