It’s that time of the year…

…where my ankle acts up and I can only wear flats (or kitten heels on good days).
Unlike a few years back, when I attempted to murder my toe, my collection of flats has grown quite a bit and I’m no longer restricted to these 3 strappy Le Routard numbers.


Or these 2 pairs of Mary Janes, that look exactly the same but really are a navy blue and black pair (and yes, I have at one point turned up at work wearing one of each because my blurry eyed self hadn’t noticed the difference in the morning… That ‘ll teach me to leave my shoes lying around instead of putting them back in their boxes when I take them of… Or not…)

I now have a rainbow of these very versatile beauties (and yes, I’m still too lazy to get them all out again to include the lilac pair, of which I already proven the existence right here).


And of course my silver “princess” sandals and their replacements, because the Tamaris silver strappy sandals arrived last week and they were indeed silver and strappy and a perfect fit, so my Silver Sandal Search is over (for now…)

So, even though I do miss my heels, this time around you won’t hear me complain (very much) that I don’t have any shoes to wear for the occasion…


The Silver Sandal Search

As I mentioned in my latest wishlist update, I’m looking to replace my silver “princess” sandals.

As per usual I pop in and out of shoe stores each time I pass one, but I also regularly look into all the shoe sales over at Vente Exclusive.

A little while back there was an Hypnosi sale, where I spotted a pair of sandals that ticked all the boxes: flats, silver and strappy…

Picture Vente Exclusive

So, I decided, for the very first time in my life to order shoes online…
Because they have really good return conditions and because I didn’t know the sizing of the brand I even decided to order them in two sizes.

The shoes arrived for pickup last week on Saturday and since I needed to pop out to the store for some groceries I picked them up straight away.


Great was my disappointment when they turned out to be bronze rather than silver while at the same time they were just as strappy as I like and fitted perfectly without irritating the old scars of an operation from years ago.
Oh cruel faith…

I contemplated keeping them, since I used to not like silver coloured shoes either, but in the end I decided to send them back anyway…
I know myself, if I’m not instantly wowed by a pair of shoes (or if they are not the only pair on earth that I can wear at the time), I probably won’t wear them. So I decided to continue my search…

In the mean time there is a Tamaris sale is on going at Vente Exclusive and if the below sandals fit and are as silver as they appear in the picture, my search may be at an end… To be continued somewhere in the next two weeks…

Picture: Vente Exclusive

Have you ever bought shoes online? And have you ever been disappointed because they were perfect except for the colour?

Things I like: Butterflies

I love butterflies. I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember.
In fact, the first bedtime story I really remember, was one about two butterflies who where caught out in the rain. My greataunt used to tell me the story, just like she had done for my mum when she was little. And when that favourite aunt passed away, my mum took up the tradition of telling me the story, both before bed time and each time we saw a set of 2 butterflies playing.

Whereas the photographer housemate only likes to admire them from afar (he thinks they are too bug like and creepy up close), there is nothing that can make me more happy on a summers day then a butterfly landing on my hand.

My collection of all things butterfly includes:some drinking glasses, several hair pins, a ring and a pair of gorgious shoes.


And hopefully one day it will also contain this lovely Lady V Teal Green Rosetta swing dress

Things I like: Dresses

I love dresses. I’ve loved dresses for as long as I can remember and probably longer, cause if I’m to believe my mom I could make it clear that I didn’t like trousers and preferred dresses before I could properly talk.

And it only got worse once I had mastered the art of taking those blasted trousers of myself.
So much worse that my dad (who was responsible for getting me and my sis ready in the morning) asked my mom to just lay out dresses for me.

Over the years I’ve discovered the merits of trousers and I even own about 6 pairs of them, but my go-to outfit is and will probably always be a dress (or a skirt, since I’ve noticed a tendency towards buying more skirts lately).

Geeky feet

It’s no longer a secret that I’m a geeky girl. But up until now it was a secret that I also have geeky feet…

Recently Teefury upped their game by launching ShoeFury: a brand new line of digitaly printed geeky shoes.
Not only unique in their geekyness, but also due to the fact that the tops of the shoes can be separated from the base… Sooo, once you’ve bought a full pair of shoes ($79,99 or $69,99 depending on the model), you can just buy any additional top (at $54,99).

Wanna know more? Check out their cool introduction video.

I’m wearing my uber cute pair of Cheshire Cat shoes this week for Geeky Friday.

The 1st of December

Was a very Important day for me. Not only did it mark the start of this year’s Dressember edition, it is also the last day of the “regular” shoes to save (from now on it’s special shoes and boots) and last but not least it also the day we signed the purchase deed for our house.
This is officially my first shoe save as a home owner!

For the occasion I wore my polka dot L&L dress with my new P.I.U.R.E. shoes.

And just to add that little extra I chose this lovely pair of Veneziana tights

75th Boekenbeurs – Shoeper Shoe Challenge #24

When I was little my mom took me, my sister and my brother along to De Boekenbeurs an annual book fair in Antwerp.
We looked at books and always got to choose one as a Christmas present and one to read straight away. I already was an avid reader back then, so very often I also bought 2 or 3 extra books myself.

The first weekend of November I got tickets to the festive opening of the 75th edition of the fair, and for old time sake I invited my mom to go along.
It was nice to have a mother-daughter outing and to go along in the buying books as gifts tradition by helping my mom choose a books for my two nephews (in the end it was me who chose all but 1 book) and buying a book for myself (Papillon, a classic which I read while still living at my parents, but didn’t own myself), but all the food and drinks we got did not outweigh the crowds or the rude people. So for the years to come I would gladly settle for a free ticket on a week day in stead of ticket for the opening night.

I took a bit of a gamble with my choice in shoes for the evening by wearing a new pair of black boots. I bought them to replace the interim bike boots, and they prove to be worthy successors since I managed to visit the fair as well as the 5-minute walk from and to the parking spot without ever knowing I wore them for the first time.

This scarf is my new favourite scarf. Bought it on our second day in Legoland in September, since I forgot to pack one (even though I had enough stuff with me to cover a 2 or 3 week in stead of a 1 week visit to Denmark, according to my partner).