Mothers day – shoeper shoe challenge #12

The Province of Antwerp must be about the only place on earth where they celebrate Mothers day on the 15th of August.
In my family we celebrate it rather enthusiastically for my paternal grandmother, resulting in 9 out of 10 grandchildren and 11 out of 17 great grandchildren being present, some of them coming back to Belgium from as far as Bologna, Malaga and Toulouse.
Here’s a picture of my grandmother with the great grandchildren present.

And of course someone took a picture of everyone who tried to take above picture.

Since the weather was for once fine enough to wear my new suede Vic peep toes I took advantage of saving them. The dress I’m wearing (yes, once again a wrap dress), is the latest addition to my closet and was bought at Morgan on the last day of the sales period.


How do they do it?

I’ll never understand how women with only three or four pairs of shoes manage.

Ever since the toe accident I have been limited to wearing the above three pairs of open toed flats and it’s been quite a challenge to get an outfit together in the morning (sheesh, I usually have more pairs of shoes with me if I go on a city-trip) . Especially since it has been mostly chilly and rainy since the accident.

So on Friday I spent my lunch break at the shopping center, visiting my favourite shoe store there, hoping to add another pair of open toed flats to the collection, when I passed these beauties:

I instantly fell in love and when they fitted like a glove I didn’t even look at the price tag and just bought them. They just had to become mine!!
And with that I can strike through the peep toe nudes I had on my wishlist.