In December 2010 I took part in my first fashion challenge and although it was easy to participate through the facebook page at the end of the Dressember challenge I was left with the feeling that I’ve could have done more with it if I blogged about it.

Thanks to that first challenge I now have a taste for it and I have already one or two new challenges I want to participate in, so I thought it was high time to start a new blog, since my personal blog is in Dutch and it just doesn’t feel right to put these challenge related posts on there.

So here it is, a blog dedicated to all possible new challenges I’ll participate in.

2015 update: I have grown into blogging about my style, my love for dresses and shoes and all things (remotely) related and as such the initial “about” became a bit out of date.
Yet the story is still relevant for the name I chose for my blog, cause deep down inside I still feel like an unfashion blogger (yes, I love Disney and was inspired by the Alice in Wonderland unbirthday party).


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