That time I put my bankcard in the bank notes slot

I had been wanting to go to Yves Rocher for a while now, cause even though I found replacements for the more urgent stuff at, my shopping list was getting longer and longer.
So, when the job hunting housemate told me he had a job interview almost next door to the Ghent Zuid Shopping Center, I decided to give him a ride and pop in and out of 2 or 3 stores while he did his interview.

Apart from Yves Rocher, I wanted to visit L&L to redeem the shopping budget I won with the scratch card two weeks ago and I wanted to pop by Essenza to check out their tea selection.

First stop: Yves Rocher, where it turned out that from the fruit mask line I always use, they no longer have the pomegranate version. They still have the Cranberry version but I still had a bottle of that at home, so I searched for an alternative since I like to vary between masks because of my very sensitive skin.
I ended up buying a cream mask (a type of mask I haven’t used before) for dry skin since I couldn’t find a sensitive skin mask.

picture: Yvs Rocher
picture: Yves Rocher

I did however find the teal coloured self sharpening eye pencil I was looking for and a teal coloured nail polish, win!

Since they didn’t have any pocket-size sunscreen or nail brushes, my next stop became Kruidvat. Where I bought a small bottle of their SF 50+ kiddie sunscreen since none of the other options had a high enough SPF factor for my ridiculously sensitive skin.
I combed out the very messy, overly warm and crowded store for a nail brush; but instead of finding one I almost fainted, which was my cue to go to the checkout counter and leave.
I did however find the brush over at Hema.

Next step L&L, but unfortunately their Ghent Zuid store is rather small and was rather crowded because of the sales, so I left almost straight away, because I started feeling faint again… not good!

By that time I really didn’t feel like popping into Essenza anymore, so in stead I chose out one of the taverns to have a drink and a bit of a read while I waited for my housemate, who was a bit worried that I looked a bit tired and extremely white by the time he arrived…

He was right about me being tired though. So tired even that down in the parking garage I managed to put my bankcard in the bank notes machine.
I managed not to panick (go me!) as the machine never really swallowed nor spit out my card. I even had the presence of mind to poke around a bit to force the machine to either swallow or spit out my card. Lucky for me it did the lather and I could continue my payment and get home (with a little stop over at Brantano to return a Skunkfunk order from over at Vente Exclusive since they size rather small).

Needless to say that I only did one thing  when I got home: throw myself on the couch for a long nap.


Summermoon’s first attempt at a shop log

So last week I was stomping around the house being all grumpy because I was about to run out of nail polish remover and a trip to Yves Rocher (in Ghent or Alost about, a 20 min drive) would be too exhausting, when all of a sudden I see the voucher that I got at the e-entrepeneur themed girl geek event lying around on my dinner table, so I decided to order over there.

In the mass of nail polish removers my eye fell on these two:


The Maybelline Express Remover Jar hoping to put an end to using heaps of cotton swabs and the
Herôme Corrector Pen hoping to put an end to my nail painting clumsyness.
I selected the Herôme pen over those of other brands because it comes with 3 extra tips, so you can use them for different colours/colour groups…

While at it, I also ordered some new make up removal wipes. I chose the Nivea sensitive skin ones because: a) I have sensitive skin and b) they had a 2+2 action on Nivea products going.

Afterwards I realised of course that I could have ordered my regular stuff online, but that would have taken effort (creating an online profile) and wouldn’t have counted towards the customer fidelity program, so meh.

What is your favourite nail polish remover? And why does it stand out for you

The softer the lips, the sweeter the kiss

No matter the season or the weather my lips seem to be cracked to some degree at all times.
As such I tend to use a lip balm throughout the whole year.
From late spring to early autumn my lips are mildly cracked and a high street lip balm will do, but the rest of the year they look like a battlefield and I need a high end pharmacy product.

Due to a sensitivity to perfume and an allergy to bee products (i.e. honey and beeswax which are often used in lip products) I took me quite some time to find suitable products.

My high street lip balm is provided by my favourite makeup brand Yves Rocher. The Macademia lip balm is part of the newest range of lip products that was launched last winter.
It is so lightly scented that it doesn’t get me nauseated and is applied like a regular lipstick and that for less than 3 euros.

Picture: Yves Rocher
Picture: Yves Rocher

My pharmacy balm is from A-Derma. A brand renowned for its high end products for sensitive skins.
Not only is this balm unscented, it rehydrates cracked lips and immediately soothes the burning sensation that often results from badly cracked lips.
It comes in a small 15ml tube and is easily applied similar to most lip glosses for about 6,32 euros.

Picture: A-Derma
Picture: A-Derma

Sumermoon’s bathroom confessions

I (almost) never buy bath products… Not that I don’t take baths or showers or don’t wash myself, it’s just that I don’t need to.

Thanks to the fidelity programme of my favourite brand, Yves Rocher, I regularly get samples or even full blown versions of their newest bath products, resulting in a cupboard full of foamy goodies that I hardly need to restock on.
And on top of that there is the occasional foamy goodie in a blogger event goodie bag.


What I can’t resist however is their range of brightly coloured nail polishes in tiny bottles, so they don’t dry out before you’ve finished them.