Summermoon’s sample stock

Funny how many samples you collect over the span of a year or so.
In order to stop me from just collecting them and start using them I’ve put them in sight in stead of stuffing them in a box in a cupboard.


And this picture doesn’t even include the bigger shower gel and foam bath samples or the samples I decided not to use but pass along because of allergies, skin type or products I’m just not interested in…

Are you also a collector rather than a user of free samples? What type of sample do you like most?


Never say never!

A little while ago I mentioned that I almost never buy bath products.

Well, thanks to the goodie bag at a Marlies Dekkers event I discovered the Koh Shower Foam Sensation.

And a sensation it is! So much so, that as soon as this bottle is finished (if not before that) I’ll go out and buy MORE!
I just love the feeling of the delicately scented foam on my skin.

Never say never, I guess!

Sumermoon’s bathroom confessions

I (almost) never buy bath products… Not that I don’t take baths or showers or don’t wash myself, it’s just that I don’t need to.

Thanks to the fidelity programme of my favourite brand, Yves Rocher, I regularly get samples or even full blown versions of their newest bath products, resulting in a cupboard full of foamy goodies that I hardly need to restock on.
And on top of that there is the occasional foamy goodie in a blogger event goodie bag.


What I can’t resist however is their range of brightly coloured nail polishes in tiny bottles, so they don’t dry out before you’ve finished them.