Geeky Friday – Bioware Fashion

I can’t really remember how I came across it, I think it was in an article about their fashion show at PAX, but at the moment I’m hovering over the BioWare store looking at all the pretty, stylish and functional stuff they created for their lady fans (from size S to XXL, they really know how to do it right!).

When I came out as a geeky girl on this blog, I didn’t really mention I like playing computer games too, since I can’t actually play them because of my motion sickness (which also complicates taking selfies). But I do and so I play along with one of the housemates helping them make the right decisions and giving them style advise for their characters.
The game I liked best so far happens to be a BioWare game: Dragon Age.

So now I’m really thinking that it would be so awesome if this skater dress could become my birthday dress (yes, it seems I’m a bit obsessed with birthday dresses this week, but I promise I’ll talk about something else next week!)

dragon age

How do you feel about geeky clothing? Would you wear a dress, tank top or other item of clothing that could come right out of your favourite game?


#IwillwearwhatIlike – the roundup

All through August I listened to my rebellious side wearing lots of stuff an almost 38-year-old shouldn’t be wearing… because #IwillwearwhatIlike.
There were times I didn’t get to wear the offending item on the day, prompting me to use older pictures or to refer to older blog posts, but I tweeted pictures of all offences I’m guilty of.

Speaking of guilt: like a true rebel I didn’t feel guilty at all, cause to be honest who are “they” to dictate what I can or cannot wear and when I can or cannot wear it.
As so many of the other participants, I only found confidence in my own style and the things I like to wear after turning thirty, when I finally managed to shrug of all the opinions of others (my mom, my sis, co-workers,..) without taking them too much at heart. And some stupid article is not going to change that, so hereby I proudly present my collection of offending items:

Graphic Tees
I guess I’ve said all there is to say on those right here… So I’ll let the picture do the talking… (there will be more graphic tees throughout the other items, since they are an important part of my style)


Candy Pink
Good girls go to heaven, bad girls wear candy pink.


Bedazzeled anything
The bedazzelement devil is in the detail…

Blue eyeshadow
Not only blue eyeshadow, but a blue scrunchie too


Leopard print
4 years ago I’ve proven my sister wrong when she claimed that leopard print is by definition tacky.
Today I’m still wearing these beauties with pride!


Non matching socks
I channeled my inner goth (probably not done at my age either) for this challenge


Hoop earrings
I’ve got a few…

Anything sleeveless
The latest sleeveless addition to my wardrobe was already shown here.

Short dresses
Because it’s that time of the year again, I had to pair my short dress with loose-fitting linen trousers.


Tube tops
This is the closest thing to a boob tube, but I probably get extra points for it being a gothy graphic top.


Mini skirts (or any skirt above the knee)
I didn’t actually wear a short skirt because of reasons… but I do own several and wear them regularly, for b-day parties for example


Pony tails, long hair and scrunchies
You just have to look at all the pictures in this post to know I do/have them all, but here’s a picture of my scrunchie collection anyway…


Crop tops
I don’t have many and most of them are graphic tees, but I do on occasion wear them.


Old sneakers
Ideal to wear to festivals, theme parks,…


Glitter Eyeshadow
Remember how once upon a time I talked about the Yves Rocher client program… Well, most of the Eyeshadow I got that time is glittery.


Geeky Friday -The “Minions” edition

Last Sunday we went to see the Minions movie. I had been looking forward to this movie ever since it was announced last year, simply because I’ve adored those little henchmen right from their first appearance in the “Despicable Me” movies.

In this movie we basically follow the Minions on their journey to find the perfect despicable villain to work for. The greater part of the movie we follow 3 particular Minions: Kevin, Stuart and Bob (who kinda reminds me of the almost 3-year-old son of a couple of friends) after they are recruited by Scarlet Overkill (wonderfully voiced by Sandra Bullock) to help her with her evil plans.


I decided to wear my Ript Apparel “The Minions got the phone box” t-shirt and prompted my housemates to do so too, but they objected. They didn’t want to go all matched up and they objected that by wearing a Minions t-shirt to the Minions movie I was breaking the first rule of fandom shirts, which is quite similar to the first rule of band shirts.
I, however, beg to differ: since this t-shirt represents a crossover of 2 fandoms, it is the best way to convince other Minions fans that they should all be loving and watching Dr Who, so I’ve worn it anyway.

So, what do you think? Did I break the first rule of fandom shirts or not?

Geeky Friday – The LARP’ing edition

One of the things that made me realise I’m a geeky girl in my own right is my love of LARP‘ing.
In short, it’s a roleplaying game where you physically act out a character. This character can be devised by the organisers to tell the story, set the mood, be the bad/good guy, known as an NPC character. Or you can play a character of your own choice (within the rules of the game) also known as a PC character.

This weekend I attended the 13th event of Chalice as an NPC character (entering this specific world for the first time) accompanied by my second housemate who had been an NPC character in the past, but now entered as a PC character (for the very first time in any specific world or system).

A lot of people I know prefer playing a character of their own device since they can feel it more, to me it doesn’t really matter, since I usually can’t be bothered with the boring details of character creation anyway.
I love the challenge of getting into the skin of the character I’m playing whether it is me or someone else who has written the background.
As such preparing for a role follows much the same pattern:

Making the background story my own
After reading or writing the script I like to make up little memories my character has about its past, things I can refer to.
I also try to imagine which mannerisms and wich typical sayings or facial expressions the character would use.
My character this weekend was a Chancellor to the Emperor of the best know region in this world, sent out on a diplomatic mission accompanied by 6 knights (my housemate being one of them), herself also a former knight in the same order: The Order of the Crown.
I came up with some memories of training and former missions as well as some fond memories of my sister with whom I used to share my line of work.

diplomatic negotiations
diplomatic negotiations

Getting dressed
As the event was a mediaeval high fantasy type of LARP (think LOTR, The Hobbit and the likes) and the role of Chancellor is pretty high-class, I decided on wearing my mediaeval dress from when I still was involved in reenactment over at the Gentsche Gesellen.
The costume actually consists of 3 layers: an off-white undergarment, a blue under-dress (both linen) and a felted wool red overdress. I decided to wear all 3; for warmth, authenticity and because the knights all had a blue detail on their costume: a blue ensign with a yellow crown.


To convey the feeling of arriving at the festivities after some weeks of traveling I opted for laced up boots (in favour of my mediaeval shoes), a faux fur half cape and leather arm braces (as a wink to my former knighthood and to the dangers of the road).


The devil is in the details
For many people the creation of a character ends there, but not for me. Once I get the outfit right I start thinking about details such as: purses, jewellery, hairstyle, makeup and perfume.
My mediaeval costume comes with a belt and belt purse that are embellished with little flowers, so I stayed within the floral theme for my jewellery, but I also added a red string purse, just to have a little more room to carry stuff around.
I also kept with the flowers for my perfume with a black currant and rose scented The Body Shop perfume sample.


For my hairstyle I wanted to keep the middle between “on the road”- sensible and festive, so I went with a double braid on the top of my head going over into a single braid on the back of my head with a flower ornament in it.

(No, my hair isn’t dyed, it has natural different shades of brown and auburn especially visible when lit up by the sun)

Larp Photography Credits: Annette D’hertefelt

Geeky feet

It’s no longer a secret that I’m a geeky girl. But up until now it was a secret that I also have geeky feet…

Recently Teefury upped their game by launching ShoeFury: a brand new line of digitaly printed geeky shoes.
Not only unique in their geekyness, but also due to the fact that the tops of the shoes can be separated from the base… Sooo, once you’ve bought a full pair of shoes ($79,99 or $69,99 depending on the model), you can just buy any additional top (at $54,99).

Wanna know more? Check out their cool introduction video.

I’m wearing my uber cute pair of Cheshire Cat shoes this week for Geeky Friday.