Shoeper shoe challenge #13

Since, as I was pointed out earlier this week, bare legs dry quicker than trousered legs, I decided to wear a dress yesterday despite it raining cats and dogs.

Bought this dress at L&L last year before the plans my cousin and I made to celebrate our mutual birthdays in Madrid were canceled, because I thought it would make a great “Partying in Madrid” dress.
In the end it became my celebrating my birthday in Belgium dress, but I didn’t regret buying it for one second.

The shoes are Caravelle and are just the tone of red I like, but what I like the most about them is the woven strappy cut-out.

At the same time it’s the first time in months that I’ve managed to take a picture for Frocking Fridday, even though I have been wearing mostly dresses on Friday all year long.


3 thoughts on “Shoeper shoe challenge #13

  1. You look great… Very nice outfit… That being said my only dislike is the shoes… The heel is way too short… With that, I understand that is my personal preference… Again, it all looks great… Everything goes well together… 😉

    1. Thank you for the compliment.
      I do like higher heels, but with an ankle injury that pops up it’s ugly head from time to time it’s wiser to vary with heights to give my ankle the necessary rest from time to time 😉

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