Disneyland resort Paris – silly poses




Summermoon’s Soapstory

Being ill and all I kinda missed out on the traditional spring cleaning action.
So, now that I’m once again able to do some stuff around the house, I’m making up for that cupboard by cupboard and drawer by drawer.

A few weeks back I sorted out my sample stock and today I did the same with my soaps.
I must admit that, for someone who doesn’t really use soap (except for washing my hands), I have collected a lot of soaps:

– a few hotel soaps
–  10 funny small soaps, all bought for the guest toilet (but apparently I buy more funny soaps than my guests seem to use)
– 10 regular soaps, all of them received as a gift at some time (very often to complement the perfume I was gifted)
– 1 ubercute Kermit the frog soap that will probably never be used


I gathered all the packaged funny soaps and the hotel soaps and put them aside to give to a charity.
All the other soaps are now gathered up in an old candy jar sitting alongside my sample stock vase being all colourful and cheerful.

Do you also have an ever-growing soap collection? Or do you actually use your soap?

Shout me a colour!

You know those days when you just don’t know what to wear because you can’t choose or because despite of a full closet you don’t seem to have anything to wear?

Well, I have a solution for that! (One that doesn’t involve last minute shopping to buy new stuff that you probably won’t wear because you bought it in a daze and it isn’t really what you would usually wear (if you’re me that’s how it goes in any case).)
Some people might advise you to start a capsule wardrobe so you have something to wear for any and every occasion…I on the other hand enlist the help of my housemates asking them to shout me a colour (and sometimes additionally “skirt or dress” “long sleeves or short sleeves” if I need to further eliminate my options).

The challenge of finding something based on the colour(s) that was (were) shouted usually has me finding what to wear within minutes.
Although my choices might seem a bit far fetched… The below Dr Who t-shirts was my choice when I got the colour yellow, since my only actual yellow piece of clothing is a shirt not fit for 25° weather.


This also works when you want help choosing between two or more outfits. Then I just ask which colour scheme they choose or just yell “a or b”.

What’s your solution when you don’t know what to wear?

International Fairy Day

According to the site “Days of the year” it is International Fairy Day:

Fairy Day is a day for fairies, magic, and wishes to come true. For one day, put aside the cynicism of the modern world and embrace the possibilities of the unknown, and believe in fairies…


So I bring you a picture a picture of me dressed up like Kaylin the Pixie Enchanter, my favourite character from the game Red Dragon Inn, accompanied by my housemate as Thor and a friend as a female Deadpool as we posed at F.A.C.T.S. last year.


The first time I dressed up as Kaylin was at the yearly Thunderbolts gaming for Muco weekend a few years back.
During that weekend there’s typically a family day on Sunday, a miniature war game tournament on Saturday and some goofy boardgaming fun on Friday, all to raise money towards cystic fibrosis to which we lost a member (the sweet son of a dear friend).

Summermoon’s sample stock

Funny how many samples you collect over the span of a year or so.
In order to stop me from just collecting them and start using them I’ve put them in sight in stead of stuffing them in a box in a cupboard.


And this picture doesn’t even include the bigger shower gel and foam bath samples or the samples I decided not to use but pass along because of allergies, skin type or products I’m just not interested in…

Are you also a collector rather than a user of free samples? What type of sample do you like most?

Painting the town

I’m an absolute klutz when it comes to painting my nails. And, if possible, I’m an even bigger klutz when it comes to painting my toenails, eventhough the internet wants you to believe it is supposed to be easier.

Well, the internet is a liar!

On the one hand those spreaders they suggest you to use when you have stubby, curly, silly or shy toes, well they’re always to big and either don’t stay in place or give me cramps… not making it easier.
On the other hand they have a point with the fact that both your hands are available, but they forget to mention that you almost have to bend over backwards to get to your toenails.

I have however found that the right type of nail polish can help you a long way in covering up the fact that you’re a toenall painting klutz (for my fingernails I have found that delegating the task to my sister or mom when I’m over at their place also works like a charm).

option 1 – nude or light pastels:

I hardly ever do this myself because:
a) I’m an autumn type and we don’t do pastels very well
b) nothing screams summer time and gives an instant happyness feel like a bold colour on your toenails

option 2 – structured nailpolish:

Although they are a little harder to take off afterwards, any nail polish with a bit of structure or a little gliter, like the Opi Liquid Sand collection for example, is much more forgiving when it comes to being clumsy.


One of my favourite colours is Tiffany Case, from their Bond Girl range,which I dubbed Easter Egg Wrapper Blue, before I bothered to look up the exact name when writing this blog.

The burden of taking pictures

When most people think of fashion bloggers, they immediately think of outfit posts.
And even though I see myself as an un-fashion blogger, I tend to take pictures for the challenges I partake in and that regularly gets quite frustrating.

In the beginning I used to enlist the help of my photographer housemate, but he doesn’t really have patience with portrait or fashion photography.
Our newest housemate is a lot more patient, but he isn’t always available (especially in the morning, when I’m not yet looking frumpy from a whole day out and about).

I tried taking pictures of myself with my DLR, I even got a flexible tripod for it, but that didn’t really work out that well.
Apart from the fights with the tripod, the timer settings are just too short and I would need to buy a remote for it, so I can take pictures if and when I’m ready and done fighting the tripod.

Over at the “Go frock yourself” facebook group (which grew out of Frocking Friday and Advent of the Dress), I was advised to use a timer app on my phone, which sounded as sound advise.
Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an option cause these timer apps make your screen really wobly, resulting in me getting very nauseated and unable to take my own picture.
The reason for this is that I suffer from Kinetosis, also known as motion sickness.
While most people suffer from it while in a moving vehicle (i.e. car sickness, sea sickness,..), I also and mostly suffer from it when screens are involved (think computer games, handy cam films, fast scenes in action movies), which is of course very annoying when you try to take pictures.

So I guess that until I get around buying that timer, I’ll have to make do with housemates, mirror selfies and pictures taken at parties by (un)willing family members or friends.