Shoeper shoe challenge #15 – BBQ time

For the annual BBQ of my partners game club mother nature decided to give us some nice weather, which means I managed to save yet another pair of summer shoes and at the same time managed to take another picture of me frocking on a Friday.
The theme is the same as last week, red and black, since those are two colours I like and look good in.

The wrap dress is one I got from a nice little boutique on a shopping trip with my mom and sis (we try to do that twice a year, in June when it’s my sister’s birthday and in October when it’s my birthday).
They tried to talk me out of buying the dress because they didn’t really liked it, while I immediately fell in love with it and some of the other customers in the boutique commented that I shouldn’t listen to them.
I decided to ignore my mom and is and buy it anyway and haven’t regretted it once sec, in fact it’s the dress I’ve gotten the most compliments ever.

The shoes are my only pair of kitten heels and I’m not really sure what to think of this heel, other than that it’s a comfortable height when my ankle acts up without having to wear flats. I also learned that they are not ideal footwear when attending a party on a giant lawn (which of course I didn’t know).
And if you were still wondering what I like so much about them… it’s the straps!


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