Picture perfect

Now that i’m entering in more than one fashion challenge, some with daily updates, I no longer dare to ask my partner to take pictures of me and all my outfits.
So last week he showed me how to take pictures with the timer and how to use our flexible tripod.

On Monday I made a first attempt at taking a picture of myself and after a fight involving the tripod, my camera and a chair I managed to take some picture that were more or less ok.
On Tuesday I made a second attempt, this time with some extra tips on how to take portrait pictures (after complaining about only being able to manage landscape with the tripod). This was such a disaster (mostly because my almost 2 meter boyfriend didn’t take my not even 1m60 length into account when he gave me the tips) that in the end I just gave up and only posted a picture of my shoes on the eco-fashion facebook page.

So this weekend we’ve blocked some time in our agendas to work a bit more on the getting suitable selfportets of me. To be continued …. that is if we don’t strangle each other during the tips and tricks session 😉


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