Pink ribbon – Marlies Dekkers

Pink ribbon is the international sign of breast cancer awareness.
During October the global Breast Cancer Awareness Month companies and organisations all over the world aim to raise awareness in lots of different ways.

Marlies Dekkers, my favorite lingerie designer, has designed a special Pink ribbon lingerie set, for the second year in a row. Proceeds of the sale of this set are donated to breast cancer awareness foundations over the world (Think Pink for Belgium).

One of the selling points for Belgium was the private sales site Vente Exclusive which regularly has a Marlies Dekkers sale. The good thing about this lingerie brand is that once you know what size you are, you can rest assured that all bra’s of that size will fit wonderfully, so they are ideal to buy in online sales.
I absolutely liked the design and since Vente Exlusive donated an extra 10% to charity on top of the 10% I decided to buy it there.

The package arrived just in time for my birthday (so my mom offered me the set as a birthday gift) and also include the Move Magazine as well as a Move against breast cancer t-shirt. For this action Marlies Dekkers organised 6 special sports clinics throughout Belgium and The Netherlands in order to inspire women to move more, since exercising can reduce chances of getting breast cancer by 20-40%.

Apart from that Marlies Dekkers also designed a special Care Bra which has a concealed pocket which fits every size of prothesis and ensures a comfortable fit because it’s very flexible.


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