Dames de Paris

From a young age, with the purchase of my first bra, my mother pressed upon me the importance of a supportive and good fitting bra and I’m very glad she did.

Over the years, as I got a little top heavier, I tried out a lot of brands and there’s only one that has been constantly present in my underwear drawer: Marlies Dekkers.
(Although I must admit that if more stores would stock Barbara lingerie, that brand would also still be in my drawer).

My love for this brand is no secret (I already talked about it here, here and here) and the main reasons are: the great support, the great fit, the superior materials, the wide range in colours and models and of course their superior service when you’re visiting one of their stores.

My latest purchase was from the Dame de Paris line, probably one of the best known and most spotted Marlies Dekkers bra lines. The collection is available in ivory and black throughout the year and each season a new fashionable colour is added to this collection.
What I like about this particular model is the smooth contour of the cup which give you a seamless look making this bra perfect as a t-shirt bra. The lovely straps above the cup can make up a nice little detail in an outfit, but can just as well be covered up.


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