Shopping in Breda

It isn’t easy to find suitable pants for my crane-fly of a partner. Jeans that are long enough not to look like capri pants on him are not to be found in Belgium, so we have to go shopping for them in the Netherlands.
As Armistice Day is a bank holiday in Belgium but not in the Netherlands, my partner and I have made a tradition of going shopping in Breda on November 11.
Just like the past few years our stop over at Jeans Center was a success and he took home 2 pairs of jeans.

Since I discovered the pleasure of wearing Marlies Dekkers lingerie an extra stop at the Breda flagship store is also on the list.
Shopping there is a real experience: the shop is beautifully decorated, the shop girls are very helpful, there are comfy seats to soften the pain of having to wait till I’m done trying and choosing and there’s always good quality tea and coffee if you like.

Through the newsletter I knew that there were some very lovely purple models in the collection and those were the once I wanted to try on, since after a lingerie drawer clear out I no longer owned a bra in my favourite colour (the horror). The choice fell on the below model.


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