Shoepershoe challenge #9

Where I went for casual, layers, cuteness and comfyness on Tuesday, Thursday’s outfit is a bit more distinguished because of a day of meetings with one of my largest accounts.

The shoes are he latest addition to my collection of Tamaris shoes. The linen vest was part of an outfit I wore to the wedding of a very dear friend and the skirt was bought with birthday money I got from my favourite grandmother not long before she passed away.
Ironically she never saw me wearing it, the first time I wore it was at her funeral.



A few weeks back I had spotted these lovely baby blue peeptoe Tamaris court shoes at one of the shoe stores I regullary visit on my quest for silver sandals, but unfortunately they were not available in my size.
As I already mentioned in the first Shoeper Challenge post, Tamaris is my absolute favourite brand of shoes and so this weekend I passed by their store in Ghent, hoping to find them in my size.
Unfortunately the shoes are only availble from size 37, which was way to big for me, so big that even an insole wouldn’t do the trick.

So to cheer myself back up after this dissapointment, I took these lovelies home with me:

I had always been a bit doubtfull about wedges, but as soon as I tried them on I was sold. They are comfortable and you really don’t feel as if you are wearing high heels.
I’m quite convinced that in the future more wedges will be added to my collection, although I’m still not convinced about non-summery wedges.