Sanex Advanced Review

As mentioned here, I got the chance to try out the Sanex Advanced Atopiderm shower gel and body lotion. After a month of regular use of both products it is time for a review.


The body lotion comes in a bottle with a handy pump system. You do have to be careful when you take this bottle with you on vacation, since the pump is rather fragile.
The shower gel comes in squeeze bottle that is shaped in such a way that it lies comfortably in your hand.

The product

The body lotion has a nice but subtle perfume, isn’t greasy and is immediately absorbed by the skin. The pump system allows you to use just the right amount of product without making a mess.
The shower gel with its more neutral scent gives a nice and creamy lather.

The benefits according to Sanex

The product is developed with the help of dermatologists and promises the following advantages:
– repairing the skin barrier
– care for severe dehydration
– protection against itchy skin and irritation

The results

I noticed a big difference on the dry patches on my elbows and knees after using the body lotion for a few days, although I’m not sure the results will be as promising when the weather gets wintry cold and my skin gets extremely dry, itchy and irritated.
One of my housemates benefitted immediately from the body lotion’s protection against itches and irritation when using it after a shower or a bath.

The verdict

As the body lotion really lives up to its promised results I’m fairly certain I will buy it again.
The advantages of the shower gel are a little less clear and since I almost never buy my own shower gel I probably won’t buy this product myself.
Chances of me trying the roll on deodorant are quite higher since I have a coupon and I a roll on deodorant is my go to type of deodorant for travels and festivals.

Do you have any experience with Sanex, its Advanced product lines or testing through The Insiders?


The softer the lips, the sweeter the kiss

No matter the season or the weather my lips seem to be cracked to some degree at all times.
As such I tend to use a lip balm throughout the whole year.
From late spring to early autumn my lips are mildly cracked and a high street lip balm will do, but the rest of the year they look like a battlefield and I need a high end pharmacy product.

Due to a sensitivity to perfume and an allergy to bee products (i.e. honey and beeswax which are often used in lip products) I took me quite some time to find suitable products.

My high street lip balm is provided by my favourite makeup brand Yves Rocher. The Macademia lip balm is part of the newest range of lip products that was launched last winter.
It is so lightly scented that it doesn’t get me nauseated and is applied like a regular lipstick and that for less than 3 euros.

Picture: Yves Rocher
Picture: Yves Rocher

My pharmacy balm is from A-Derma. A brand renowned for its high end products for sensitive skins.
Not only is this balm unscented, it rehydrates cracked lips and immediately soothes the burning sensation that often results from badly cracked lips.
It comes in a small 15ml tube and is easily applied similar to most lip glosses for about 6,32 euros.

Picture: A-Derma
Picture: A-Derma