Things I Like: en rouge et noir

When I talked about loving all things purple, I also mentioned that I still love all things red when clothes are involved.
In fact, that was an incomplete statement, what I like most about red is that it combines so well with black (a colour that I shouldn’t be wearing anymore according to my colour chart, but also a colour that I’m not willing to give up).
As such a lot of my favourite outfits are studies in red and black.

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In order to make sure the outfits are complete I have several black and red accessories such as shoes, scarfs, earrings, belts, purses and necklaces.

What is your favourite colour combination? And what do you think of combining black and red?


Things I Like: Purple

As opposed to most of the other things I like, purple hasn’t been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember.
It used to be all shades of red (and clothes wise, red is still a favourite but that’s a story for another day), but that kinda changed around my twelfth birthday, when I got to choose my first grown up watch.

Since I have a tiny wrist, the (at the time) immensely popular Pop Swatches, were out for me. So I ended up discovering the beautiful United Colours of Benetton watch collection (by Bulova).
I fell in love with a beautiful watch that featured several shades of purple and as my love for the watch grew, so did my love of all things purple.

Just like with red, I kinda like all shades of purple (although not all shades are appropriate for all intents and purposes) and my love of purple is well spread around the house: there are ovbiously purple dresses, shoes and other items of clothing, but there are also over 10 pairs of purple earrings, several shades of purple nail polish, my favourite cup is purple with polka dots (double win) and my car is a deep blueish kinda purple.

My latest addition to my purple collection is a car key cover, which I ordered here, that arrived in the mail today. And which one of my housmates helped me get it around my key…