Birthdaygirl – Shoepershoe challenge #22

A few years back I started the tradition of buying myself a pretty new dress for my birthday, which I then wear to my birthday party.
Apparently I’m not the only one to do so, one of my colleagues (who must have a wardrobe almost as big as a 2 bedroom apartment going by the many different outfits she wears to work) does so too. She even goes as far as to have the shop girl gift wrap it for her.

This year’s dress is from Casis and was love at first sight and upon trying it on I knew this was to be this year’s b-day dress.

I wore it to my party with the last pair of Tamaris shoes I still had to save. A pair of nude slingbacks, vhich can be easily worn when the weather doesn’t really know which season it wants to belong too.

The party was great: had yummie food, received lovely gifts, had a nice time with my family.
After the weekend when I got back to work I was also spoiled by my colleagues, who presented me with a New Look gift voucher.

As is tradition: before I received the voucher I saw lots of stuff I wanted to buy, but since I received it there’s not really anything that yells out at me. But no worries the voucher is still valid for a long while so if I pop into the store from time to time, I should be able to find something that really pleases me.


New Look

On Friday I discovered that New Look opened a store in one of the shopping centers near work.
Since my lunch break was already cut short by a traffic jam on the way there, I only managed to have a quick look, but that already made me feel like a child in a toyshop.

They will definitely see me there again soon and regularly :).