Painting the town

I’m an absolute klutz when it comes to painting my nails. And, if possible, I’m an even bigger klutz when it comes to painting my toenails, eventhough the internet wants you to believe it is supposed to be easier.

Well, the internet is a liar!

On the one hand those spreaders they suggest you to use when you have stubby, curly, silly or shy toes, well they’re always to big and either don’t stay in place or give me cramps… not making it easier.
On the other hand they have a point with the fact that both your hands are available, but they forget to mention that you almost have to bend over backwards to get to your toenails.

I have however found that the right type of nail polish can help you a long way in covering up the fact that you’re a toenall painting klutz (for my fingernails I have found that delegating the task to my sister or mom when I’m over at their place also works like a charm).

option 1 – nude or light pastels:

I hardly ever do this myself because:
a) I’m an autumn type and we don’t do pastels very well
b) nothing screams summer time and gives an instant happyness feel like a bold colour on your toenails

option 2 – structured nailpolish:

Although they are a little harder to take off afterwards, any nail polish with a bit of structure or a little gliter, like the Opi Liquid Sand collection for example, is much more forgiving when it comes to being clumsy.


One of my favourite colours is Tiffany Case, from their Bond Girl range,which I dubbed Easter Egg Wrapper Blue, before I bothered to look up the exact name when writing this blog.


Women’s makeup throughout history

You’ve probably already seen this little beauty pass by somewhere on the interwebs, but I still wanted to share it because:

a) it gives a nice overview of the history of women’s makeup (and the different products that were used
b) it shows that the ideal of beauty is subject to change
c) this allows me to hug my couch a bit more while I fight of a nasty bacterial infection