Shoeper shoe challenge #18 – car trouble

Had some car trouble a while back. Came out of the office one evening to find my car with a flat tire.
My car is a company car, so I have a contract with a breakdown service, so I didn’t have to be bothered by finding someone to help me change the tire.
However, as it would take them about an hour to arrive and I would still have to go to the tire center since I don’t have a full blown spare tire (only an emergency one with speed and distance limitations) I was allowed to take one of the company cars that stood unused in the parking lot.

Knowing that the next day I would have to wait outside while they changed tires and would have to drop of the car at the tire center and walk back to work during lunch break (about a 15 min walk), I decided to wear something comfortable:
black linnen trousers, a tunic and some very comfy strappy sandals from Caravelle.

Sorry for the blurry eyed look, this picture was taken in the morning before I was off to work.


All wrinkled up

I love linen, it’s nice and light to wear, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
But while ironing some of my linen skirts and dresses this weekend I thought by myself, for what must have been the thousandth time: why do I even bother, I’ll be all wrinkled up again as soon as I put it on.

I’m really jealous of people who seem to be able to stay all wrinkle free all day long and I would really like to know how they do it.
Me, I can’t even make it to work without wrinkles. I’ve even contemplated driving into work in my tracksuit and then changing into something else at work.
Which would of course mean that I would have to get up earlier, carry around clothes, shoes, make-up and brushes to work and in the end that’s a bit too much of a bother.