Things I like: Butterflies

I love butterflies. I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember.
In fact, the first bedtime story I really remember, was one about two butterflies who where caught out in the rain. My greataunt used to tell me the story, just like she had done for my mum when she was little. And when that favourite aunt passed away, my mum took up the tradition of telling me the story, both before bed time and each time we saw a set of 2 butterflies playing.

Whereas the photographer housemate only likes to admire them from afar (he thinks they are too bug like and creepy up close), there is nothing that can make me more happy on a summers day then a butterfly landing on my hand.

My collection of all things butterfly includes:some drinking glasses, several hair pins, a ring and a pair of gorgious shoes.


And hopefully one day it will also contain this lovely Lady V Teal Green Rosetta swing dress