Secret admirer?

When arriving at my desk Thursday after 3 days of absence, I found a mysterious little package lodged between my keyboard…


Did I have a secret admirer?

Surely a secret admirer with good taste in jewellery, I decided after opening the present…


After a bit of brainstorming about who I last talked about earrings and gothy stuff with, I decided it must have been a pressie from my sweet cossplaying colleague.

Turns out I was right. She passed by a stall on a trip to Brussels last weekend and couldn’t help but buy me these.

I’m truly blessed with a colleagues like her.


3D printed jewelery

In September I attended the 45th edition of the Brussels Girl Geek Dinners.
One of the gifts at this event were 25 sets of 3D printed jewelery by i.materialise, a 3D printing service.
Want to know all about 3D printing? Just watch the animation.

Before the girl geeks visited them in November 2009 i.materialise hadn’t even thought about using this technology for jewelery, but in the mean time they have a whole collection.
As a thank you for this great idea, they gave away sets with a necklaces and a pair of earrings to the 25 girls that arrived first.

I didn’t arrive in time to claim a set, but thanks to a friend who was in time, I now am the proud owner of a krizant necklace. Some of the girls thought it looked like a flower, I think it looks like a bit like a sea urchin. What do you thinK?