Colour chart

Ever since I received my colour chart after I was analysed analysed as an autumn type, I’ve tried to keep in mind the colours that suit me best when shopping.
The last few buys show that I’m managing quite well

colour chart

new dress

Although I still refuse to give up on my beloved black and purple 😉


Dressember 20: autumn colours

After being a hairdresser’s model for my sister I was colour analysis model for the lovely Fiona De Hondt.

A while back we were tweeting about colour types and she was in doubt about the label i got during previous analysis’. So, when she launched a request for models I challenged her to analyse me and she gladly accepted.

Turns out I’m a tricky type: with my cool blue-grey eyes, my cool dark brown hair and (at first sight) rosy cheeks most of the students labeled me a winter type (the label I got in the past), until the teacher pointed out they had fallen for the “first look” trap and urged them to look at the skin of my arms (full of freckles) and neck and pointed out that rosy cheeks can be the result of blood circulation.

The result: turns out I’m a true autumn type. Which of course means that:

a) the outfit worn yesterday (including a black button down dress) was all wrong for me
b) that my closet might need a bit of a make-over, since I did some of my shopping with the original winter analysis’ in mind.

This sudden change doesn’t mean I have to throw out all my clothes in colours that are more suitable for winter types, it’s just that autumn colours are more flattering and of course there’s nothing that a nice scarf In the right colours can’t fix.

Anyway, I made sure today’s outfit was exactly what the colour doctor prescribed.