75th Boekenbeurs – Shoeper Shoe Challenge #24

When I was little my mom took me, my sister and my brother along to De Boekenbeurs an annual book fair in Antwerp.
We looked at books and always got to choose one as a Christmas present and one to read straight away. I already was an avid reader back then, so very often I also bought 2 or 3 extra books myself.

The first weekend of November I got tickets to the festive opening of the 75th edition of the fair, and for old time sake I invited my mom to go along.
It was nice to have a mother-daughter outing and to go along in the buying books as gifts tradition by helping my mom choose a books for my two nephews (in the end it was me who chose all but 1 book) and buying a book for myself (Papillon, a classic which I read while still living at my parents, but didn’t own myself), but all the food and drinks we got did not outweigh the crowds or the rude people. So for the years to come I would gladly settle for a free ticket on a week day in stead of ticket for the opening night.

I took a bit of a gamble with my choice in shoes for the evening by wearing a new pair of black boots. I bought them to replace the interim bike boots, and they prove to be worthy successors since I managed to visit the fair as well as the 5-minute walk from and to the parking spot without ever knowing I wore them for the first time.

This scarf is my new favourite scarf. Bought it on our second day in Legoland in September, since I forgot to pack one (even though I had enough stuff with me to cover a 2 or 3 week in stead of a 1 week visit to Denmark, according to my partner).


Test drive – Shoeper shoe challenge #23

My partner is looking for a new bike. As he thinks my opinion as a passenger counts, he took me along when he went to test drive the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure.
Since it had been over 2 years since the last time we had a bike ride, I no longer have any decent bike boots, so I put on my oldest pair of black boots.

In the below picture they are worn in a more traditional way, with a wrap dress. One of the first dresses in the “buy a special b-day dress” tradition.

Unfortunately these boots are starting to look a bit worse for wear, and I’ve already looked into buying a replacement pair, but they are comfy as old boots so I’m just not ready to part with them yet.
That’s why I’ll keep them a while longer to serve as boots to wear to concerts, festivals,… where it’s important to wear comfy footwear that is a little bit resistant.