The birthday collection- honorary mention

On Monday I all introduced you to my collection of birthday dresses. In hind sight, I find there are two dresses in my wardrobe that deserve an honorary mention:

wrap dress

This wrap dress, which has always been my favourite wrap dress kinda started the whole birthday dress tradition before it really started…
My mom, my sis and me used to have a tradition of going on a shopping trip all three of us once or twice a year, usually around one of our birthdays. This dress was a gift on the 2009 birthday trip and was worn for the first time at my 2009 birthday party.


This dress, which I sometimes call my Minnie Mouse dress especially when combining it with black tights and red heels (hence the attempt at a Minnie Mouse pose), was a birthday gift from one of my housemates when we went on a trip to London in November 2013. I didn’t wear it for my birthday that year, but it became my New Years Eve Celebration Dress (but that is a whole different story).


The birthday collection

With my birthday little over a month away, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to my birthday collection, a series of dresses I bought over the years as a birthday present to myself, which are then worn for the first time on my family birthday party.


It all started with this L&L dress that I originally bought in 2010 to celebrate my birthday in Madrid, together with my cousin who lives in Spain (and has her birthday on the same day as me) and my sister.
Unfortunately the trip was cancelled and this became the first dress that became a special birthday dress.


The next year I wore this Cassis dress, which was love at first sight, effectively saving these Tamaris shoes in a shoeper shoe save. In the mean time they have been replaced by another pair of nude Tamaris sling backs.


This Bel&Bo dress was my choice for 2013. The boots were one of my rare impulse buys, I fell in love with them because of their outside zippers.


This dress is one of only 3 JBC items I own, since even though they always have lovely clothes often in lovely deep colours, they only seem to cater to people without boobs (i.e. not me).
In 2013 I changed jobs and no longer worked near 2 shopping centers with lots of choice in dresses. My new job however has a JBC virtually on its parking lot, so I decided to hop over there during my lunch break just for heck of it… returning with this pretty green flowery dress, which I like to pair with these flower embellished tights.


And then last year’s dress (again an L&L dress,so the circle is round), which can easily worn with tights and boots or, as shown above, with sandals and a cardigan… A dress for all seasons, which I can only love in a dress since they’re my favourite items of clothing.

I haven’t found this years dress yet, but I still have little over a month to find one, which is plenty of time since I’ll be at home working on getting back my energy at least until the end of September.

Do you have a tradition of buying yourself a dress or something special for your birthday or another occasion?

#IwillwearwhatIlike – the roundup

All through August I listened to my rebellious side wearing lots of stuff an almost 38-year-old shouldn’t be wearing… because #IwillwearwhatIlike.
There were times I didn’t get to wear the offending item on the day, prompting me to use older pictures or to refer to older blog posts, but I tweeted pictures of all offences I’m guilty of.

Speaking of guilt: like a true rebel I didn’t feel guilty at all, cause to be honest who are “they” to dictate what I can or cannot wear and when I can or cannot wear it.
As so many of the other participants, I only found confidence in my own style and the things I like to wear after turning thirty, when I finally managed to shrug of all the opinions of others (my mom, my sis, co-workers,..) without taking them too much at heart. And some stupid article is not going to change that, so hereby I proudly present my collection of offending items:

Graphic Tees
I guess I’ve said all there is to say on those right here… So I’ll let the picture do the talking… (there will be more graphic tees throughout the other items, since they are an important part of my style)


Candy Pink
Good girls go to heaven, bad girls wear candy pink.


Bedazzeled anything
The bedazzelement devil is in the detail…

Blue eyeshadow
Not only blue eyeshadow, but a blue scrunchie too


Leopard print
4 years ago I’ve proven my sister wrong when she claimed that leopard print is by definition tacky.
Today I’m still wearing these beauties with pride!


Non matching socks
I channeled my inner goth (probably not done at my age either) for this challenge


Hoop earrings
I’ve got a few…

Anything sleeveless
The latest sleeveless addition to my wardrobe was already shown here.

Short dresses
Because it’s that time of the year again, I had to pair my short dress with loose-fitting linen trousers.


Tube tops
This is the closest thing to a boob tube, but I probably get extra points for it being a gothy graphic top.


Mini skirts (or any skirt above the knee)
I didn’t actually wear a short skirt because of reasons… but I do own several and wear them regularly, for b-day parties for example


Pony tails, long hair and scrunchies
You just have to look at all the pictures in this post to know I do/have them all, but here’s a picture of my scrunchie collection anyway…


Crop tops
I don’t have many and most of them are graphic tees, but I do on occasion wear them.


Old sneakers
Ideal to wear to festivals, theme parks,…


Glitter Eyeshadow
Remember how once upon a time I talked about the Yves Rocher client program… Well, most of the Eyeshadow I got that time is glittery.



Today was the last day of the #IwillwearwhatIwant “challenge” (I’m preparing a roundup by Wednesday) and tomorrow I have the next challenge lined up: skirtember –  a whole month of nothing but skirts.
For various reasons I didn’t really manage to keep up with skirts for a whole month over the past few years but I’m going to change my life for the better this year (even though the dedicated Facebook group seems to have died…).
Although I’m mostly a dresses kinda girl, I have bought 3 new skirts over the past year and I am really looking forward to wearing them this time.

Usually when I start a challenge, I change the layout of my walk in wardrobe to accommodate for it, but not this time…
I mentioned before that I was doing my spring cleaning one cupboard and one drawer at the time and that is exactly what I did with my wardrobe over the course of August. Now, all my skirts are hanging from the same rail and all my tops, tunics and cardigans hang from the rail above it, which should make choosing the right outfit for the occasion a piece of cake.

How do you feel about challenges like skirtember? Have you ever participated?
Do you change the layout of your wardrobe when you participate in a challenge?

Marlies Dekkers bra fitting

If there is one thing that I haven’t kept a secret, it’s my love for Marlies Dekkers (proof here, here and here) and the fact that a high quality well-fitting bra is important to me.
So, when you could enroll for a bra fitting session through the brands news letter, that is exactly what I did.
A little while later I received an invitation mail from Lin’s Lingerie and last Saturday I had my fitting.

I was greeted by a friendly woman who clearly loves what she does and knows what she’s doing and after a little chat about lingerie in general and Marlies Dekkers and Barbara more in dept, it was time for the real work.

First my band size was measured, this is measured at band height just below your bust and gives you the number in your bra size.
Then my cup size was measured, this is measured on the fullest part of your breast and gives you the letter in your bra size.
To round up the measuring part the prefect model for me was determined as a balcony or plunge balcony model, based on my breast volume and breast implantation on my chest.

With some extra tips on the best way to put on a bra and how to correctly wear it (the band should always be parallel to the floor and the straps should not dig into your shoulders) I was then shown some models that would suite me best and I decided to take the Oriental Morphosis home…

MD oriental morphosis

Because it was a fitting session, I was sent home with a fitting kit containing amongst other things a perfect fit card, a voucher for 5 EUR (which I immediately spent on the above bra) and a lovely tape-measure.
I was further spoiled by the shop owner with some extra goodies like a choker and a beach bag.


It’s good to get confirmation that I am still wearing the correct bra size (although it is recommended to measure up every six months or so) and that so far I’ve chosen the right model, so I can continue to buy the right size over at Vente Exclusive when they have another Marlies Dekkers sale.
However, since I was welcomed so heartily and helped out so generously I will most definitely return to Lin’s Lingerie (which is located in Lede a mere 15 min drive from my door) in the future.

Testing, testing – The Insiders and Sanex Advanced

Remember how I mentioned that I kinda never buy any shower gel because it seems to find its way to me?
Well, through The Insiders I now get the chance to try out a shower gel as well as a body lotion from the Sanex Advanced product range.

This product range has 3 lines catering for different skin types and I have received the shower gel and the body lotion from the (yay, purple!) AtopiDerm line, which also has a hand lotion and a deodorant.

The Insiders are a “word of mouth” network and describe themselves as

The Insiders a network of influential consumers in Europe.
Insiders participate in learning more about interesting products, while receiving a free VIP product experience. They share their experiences with friends, family and colleagues and help great products to become better known.

For this specific campaign I received the above mentioned products as well as 3 more bottles of body lotion, with their own little travel logs. These bottles and logs allow me to let friends and family try out to product and write down their findings.
The box I received also contained some leaflets with discount coupons and a very comprehensive campaign guide.

I haven’t tried to product yet, but am really looking forward to it because it really smells nice.
Once I’ve tested it profoundly, I’ll write a follow-up review.