Testing, testing – The Insiders and Sanex Advanced

Remember how I mentioned that I kinda never buy any shower gel because it seems to find its way to me?
Well, through The Insiders I now get the chance to try out a shower gel as well as a body lotion from the Sanex Advanced product range.

This product range has 3 lines catering for different skin types and I have received the shower gel and the body lotion from the (yay, purple!) AtopiDerm line, which also has a hand lotion and a deodorant.

The Insiders are a “word of mouth” network and describe themselves as

The Insiders a network of influential consumers in Europe.
Insiders participate in learning more about interesting products, while receiving a free VIP product experience. They share their experiences with friends, family and colleagues and help great products to become better known.

For this specific campaign I received the above mentioned products as well as 3 more bottles of body lotion, with their own little travel logs. These bottles and logs allow me to let friends and family try out to product and write down their findings.
The box I received also contained some leaflets with discount coupons and a very comprehensive campaign guide.

I haven’t tried to product yet, but am really looking forward to it because it really smells nice.
Once I’ve tested it profoundly, I’ll write a follow-up review.


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