The 30 year (sweat)shirt – Taking slow fashion to a new level

The slow movement started sometime in the eighties with the Slow Food movement and protests against the opening of McDonalds in Rome, the movement advocates slowing down the pace of our lives.
The slow fashion movement applies the same principles to fashion, as such covering all types of “sustainable”, “eco”, “green”, and “ethical” fashion.

The 30 year sweatshirt kickstarter project took this movement to a whole new level and now that production has started on these sweatshirts with a guaranteed lifetime of 30 years, a new fundraising project has been started to follow this up with 30 year t-shirts.
As described on the Tom Cridland site, these shirts are:

So well made that we Guarantee it for 30 Years. A combination of technology, luxury fabric and old school craftmanship make it built to last a lifetime.

Handmade by world class artisans in rural Portugal who have been crafting beautiful clothing for over 50 years.

Made 100% out of luxury 360 grams per metre loopback cotton from only the finest quality yarn. This ensures both incredible softness and durability.

Ethically made using organic cotton, reflecting our commitment to quality, respect for the environment and responsible production ethos.

Value you deserve created by cutting out pointless retail markups and delivering The 30 Year T-Shirt direct to you at wholesale.

Sustainable fashion designed to lead an industry trend towards protecting our natural resources by making truly durable clothing.

For the pretty decent price of £25 backing, you get yourself a 30 year t-shirt, which comes in 5 colours.

Do you see yourself wearing this type of shirt? Would you back this kind of product or have you backed any of these types of fundraisers before?


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